What spec do YOU like for casual pvp and why?


If you just feel like queueing some random BGs, by yourself, what spec do you prefer and why?


This dps, cause he can kill ppl in bgs…

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Disco priest!

I like making people quit fighting me because they can’t kill me 1v1.


Interresting. :slight_smile:
However what I meant was, what rogue spec do you prefer in random BGs and such. Maybe I should have specified,

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Hah, I should’ve read where the topic was posted.

I just prefer assassination altogether, so I’d BG with that.

Though, I have seen a ton of comba–… outlaw rogues when I BG, a couple of assassinations and very, very few subs.

Find fighting the outlaw rogues the most easiest, so take what you will from that.

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No rogue specs atleast thats for sure, rogue is a nightmare to play out-right. Assassination is a rot/dampening spec, outlaw is a meme and sub requires a team realistically if you face somebody with a brain.

Definitley and thoroughly advise you play a caster, mms hunter so you can enjoy the most part of getting ignored in PVP for the first minute or two while people butt heads with healers and melee dps

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My preferential PvP history from start to finish. TLDR at the bottom for those not interested in random Joe’s history/rambling.

Subtlety Rogue.

Was my first and only character back then as there wasn’t much time, energy or gold to manage alts.

(Rogue) > Marksmanship Hunter > Shadow Priest.

After my years as a keyturning clicker Rogue who had their backside handed to them when X-Realms opened up and showed me just how awful I was, I levelled characters to adapt to binds. Shadow Priest became my main, despite their fall from duel-kings in vanilla and the road towards a world of sub-par performance that would follow them all the way to Cataclysm. Aside from a large stint of keyturning-clicker arena 2v2 on my new Hunter, I stuck with Shadow Priest.


Marksmanship Hunter > Enh Shaman > Shadow Priest.

Now that alts were a much more common thing, I had levelled many classes but spent most of my PvP time on the Hunter (now that I was no longer a keyturning clicker), levelled a Shaman (which would become my main alt in Cata and MoP), but was still trying to make Shadow Priest work. They were so lauded in PvP and so undesirable in arena that I found success with a WCM PvP series about Shadow Priests. It was interesting to receive comments from people on the subject, or hearing later that people decided to roll one despite seeing the struggles (though it was easy to cherry pick when I won and not show half as many of the losses).


Enh Shaman.

This is the point where SP was being addressed and suddenly began its upward curve into being strong/prominent, which (oddly enough after years of being an underdog) actually made me bored. Shaman became more of my go-to and Shadow Priest eventually fizzled out for me.


Enh Shaman > Prot Warrior.

Fell in love with Warrior (Prot) at this point. I had played Arms/Fury in previous expansions but as an occasional alt. Shaman was still fun but I found little to no takers in Arena, so it was mostly for BG’s. There weren’t a lot of Prot Warriors in PvP in my realm and it wasn’t too shabby, so I stuck with it to this day.


Enh Shaman > Prot Warrior.

This is the point where I started taking long breaks from the game itself. Nothing noteworthy happened here for me and I didn’t come back until Legion.


Prot Paladin > Prot Warrior.

Easy to level (instant queues), sturdy in PvP (especially objective based), and lack of arena for me meant that I lived in World PvP and BG’s on both of them, with occasional stints on my Shaman.


Resto Shaman > Prot Paladin > Prot Warrior

Prot Warrior got absolutely annihilated with the IPain GCD issue, so Prot Paladin became my go-to for tanking and PvP. Now that Warrior has been addressed, I came back and play both - but when Mag’Har was opened up, I levelled my third Shaman and did it 100% resto, with occasional PvP on the side.

I no longer have a ‘main’ so to speak, flitting between all three depending on mood. Prot Warrior when I want to be sturdy with so-so damage, Prot Paladin when I want to be an annoying sustain-tank, and Shaman when I just want to chill out.


Lol @ the first 2 people replying (:

If I play my rogue I sublety. It’s not what is was anymore but assasi is so dumbed down and I never liked combat or outlaw

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