What to do about an account sharer?

Posting this for a friend who can’t log on to the forums. He and a lot of others are frusturated because of a person sharing his account to push for High Warlord title.

"There is player named ******* on Noggenfogger Horde side that i know many players have reported already but we dont see anything is being done about him. Our trouble with him is that he is pushing us all to the limits in PVP gameplay and we did track on him for many weeks now and we found that he stay in game for 4-7 days with just periodically log off of not more than 15-20 minutes.

At one point back we talked to him on Discord and some players tried to talk with him on hes native language, that we found to be Serbian and he was really rude, than another time completely different voice speaking Arabic was talking with us in very polite way but he didnt want to listen when we told him to quit with account sharing or we will report him.
Now i know at least 50+ players already have reported this guy so im interested in what is happening with that case and is account sharing allowed or not? We cant provide any evidence but im sure that you guys have your ways to find out is he cheating via account share or not.

For example he is now online 3 days with just some short periods of logging of for like 15-20 min.
I hope you will investigate this case and i can finally get some answer on this subject as many of us from Noggen PvP community are very angry by now.
Thank you!"

Reporting him here won’t actually report him, you can only do that ingame or using the hacks@blizzard.com email.

I know we can’t report him here but the dozens of reports in game has not helped at all. People have gotten together and started to track him and they can see that he is online several days in a row with very short breaks where he switches with his friend.

Tell your friend to send an email to hacks@blizzard.com with info like that it’s in Classic WoW, what realm, faction, who’s suspected of doing what, time frames and whatever else is relevant. You can even include video footage/screenshots and so on in the email.

You can tell your friend to spread the word if it’s already a realm initiative to keep track of that character, and have others send in their own emails.

Also don’t forget to mention that it’s an EU realm in the email, because the email goes to their Californian HQ.

The right-click report function is automated, X amount of reports close enough together all reporting for the same thing have predetermined punishments that’s dished out automatically. Not enough people have actually reported him yet and close enough together time-wise, evidently.
Keep right-click reporting though, the ones who gets reported an abnormal amount of times stands out in their server statistics and gets swept into their banwaves sometimes.

So use the email, it’s the last open line to Blizzard beyond the support forum. They never reply though, so don’t expect an answer.

By the way, notice how while Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update
they say it’s up to 4k accounts globally per day that gets suspended, they don’t actually specify how they deduce it. Sure, it’s their policy not to, but it just so conveniently forgets to mention, and separate, the automatic suspensions by the Warden (their anti-cheating software), and which ones are dished out manually.

So 2-4k accounts per day globally, when possibly including the accounts getting struck by the Warden without Blizzard lifting a finger, doesn’t actually amount to much.

So all you can go by, is the effect that you yourself can see. And the bots you can still find on your server, and general rulebreakers such as the ones sharing accounts to painfully obvious degrees like the @OP described, can speak well enough for itself.

In other words, those kinds of statements are just corporate speak. Damage control by the community management team. It’s just them upholding the image of doing something, making it harder for the masses to understand that not even close to enough is being done about it.


Thank you for such good explanation, I am one that had trouble with… In game reports seems like not helping a lot, we tried to mass report him because i know it need more reports for something to be done so we did it like 30 of us at same time and nothing. I have sent same text i wrote here to that email u guys linked but before you posted ur answer so i just copy paste what is written in original post here as it was written to be sent to Blizz in some way i would find. We have trouble with him like 2 month now and its really annoying when we have to farm million honor because some guy is cheating and abusing game. interesting that when 30 of us reported him last time he went offline after like 4 days being online and he was off few hours now again he was offline for 2 hours after 3 days being online. Someone have to do something about it and i know not much use of posting it here but some of Blizz personal will read it i guess.

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