What to do after Exile's Reach in BFA

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So, 1 year ago I stared playing (Alliance side) and I reached level 55 but I made a mistake of not paying attention to the story and I just levelled up while questing.

As a new player I stared in Exile’s reach and then I moved to BFA with the Jaina story line (when she is on the ship). This was straightforward.

Now, I started a new character, this time horde side, and I would like to enjoy the story again, as I missed a lot 1 year ago.

I finished Exile’s Reach and I went to Orgrimmar, I spoke with Sylvanas and was teleported to Zandalar.

Now that I am here, which quests should I do if I want to follow the BFA story line? The alliance side was kind of “guided”. Now I feel a bit lost …

The Horde side is also pretty guided.

Have you gone to the table just upstairs from the innkeeper in Dazar’alor and chosen a zone to start in? Zuldazar is probably the most straightforward to start in, because you’re right there, but the others are good too.

Zuldazar deals with the internal revolt against the King. Vol’dun introduces you to the Vulpera, cute scavengers who live in the desert. Nazmir brings you to the followers of the “Blood God” G’huun who was the final boss of the first raid.

And whichever you choose, you are also following the Horde War Campaign

What quests do you have at the moment? Your main line quest should be at the top of your questlog.

Ask again if you have any forther specific questions.

Yes I went to the table in Dazar’alor.

At the moment I have on top a quest Tal’gurub. I did some quest in Dazar’alor but I don’t know if they are related to the main BFA storyline.

Then you’re on the right path! :+1:

That is a quest in the storyline of the zone, Zuldazar, and this page shows

Wowpedia gives you the general info about teh zone

and also the overall storylines of the zone

I see thank you for the links :slight_smile: now makes sense!

BTW how come I did not saw the cinematic when Sylvanas talks about invading Stormwind?

Like here: https://youtu.be/c5wDsX4XXio

I don’t know. Maybe you hit Esc, or maybe it glitched for you. No clue.


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