What to play in the "early hours"?

I play mostly PvP in WoW but I dont have a job and I sleep when I feel Im sleepy.

BGs in WoW starts in ~12+ PM and mostly dies after 1-2-3 AM EU time and then I just sit there for hours and dunno what to do. (from 3 AM to 12 PM). Nobody queue for BGs.

Can you tell me some active PvP game during these early hours?

If I switch to US realms, my WoW account wont be connected, right? I cant share Honor Level with my EU acc?

No idea about the Honor Level but when I’m up late, I farm. I listen to music, alecture, something, and I farm. Very little contest for farming in the early hours.

Yeah, I farmed allied race reps before, but now Im disencouraged to farm cuz we`ll get the races for free in Shadowlands in a few months anyway.

I was meaning farming mats for gold. I mine / herb. The allied race unlock in SL gives you the race, but I think to get the mount / unlock heritage, you need the current requirements to unlock them anyway. So if you want the mount / heritage, you might need to do it anyway. Took a while but I got them all <3

The funny thing is… I just leveled up 110 Worgen cuz I wanted their heritage armor but… I dont have the rep :smiley:

I forgot about the reputation. I got Kul Tiran and Zandalari heritage when I leveled up to 110 but… I forgot I already farmed the Exalted rep to unlock them before that hehe. And I though I`ll get every heritage armor on normal races at level 110 without any exalted rep .

Pre-BFA races and their heritage requires the rep to unlock, however BFA races and their heritage is just ‘unlock them and reach 110’.
I got the belf armor without grinding out the rep, but to get the gilaen armor, get the tabard, party sync with a friendly lowbie and spam some dungeons.

Yeah. Thats a good idea. I`ll get the Gilneas tabard and party sync my worgen with this 20 trial to do some ez dungeons. But this 100% rep buff dont work on Gilnear and other starting zone reps, I guess :frowning: Gonna be a long dungeon farm.

Rep buff applies to all reps that werent added in 8.3

:open_mouth: So the buff is working on the “Classic” reps? (Gilneas, Stormwind, Ironforge, etc) ?

Should be, aye. You’ve got me nervous now.

If you’re looking to level with a lowbie, or just dungeon spam, Gimmie a shout on bnet, I could be bored enough to do it with you. xeropressure#2682

Change your sleep schedule. Try sleep during night and be active during day. Beside the health benefits, you also can do the content you like, PvP.

If you are a ‘night owl’ then I would imagine these are good times to farm those rare pets too? Or mount spawns as again less people around means less competition. I know it’s not the PvP you want, but it is something to do :slight_smile:

Do world content, i decided to go for the meta achievements of mechagon and nazjatar and have almost completed them. Lots of stuff to farm and grind to pad time.

Farm herbs when multiboxers are sleeping :joy:

I found early mornings good for farming rare stuff… my main is a hunter so I caught most of my precious spirit beasts then. There are some rare mobs, or events that drop mounts such as Time-Lost Protodrake, Aeonaxx, Long Forgotten Hippogryph, Voidtalon of the Dark Star, Sunhide Gronnling etc. I found most of these early in the morning… then there are some old reps where you have to farm stuff such as the Netherwing rep, or Shattari Skyguard, Mag’har/Kurenai where you have to kill a lot of mobs and during the day more often than not you have competition.