What up with this game "lag"?

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What’s up with this seeming lag, making my mount not show or making me unable to gain combo/chi points, or even making some quests not able to be done?
I say seeming lag, because my latency is way low (less than 20).


keep being stuck on loading screens. If i reload or teleport i get stranded on loading screens :(:frowning:

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Bought a new PC 8 GB Ram . 4 GB video 3.4 Ghz. But still have the same issues from time to time.

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I’m 100% sure it’s not my rig (which is high end also), and not my internet connection.
After looking a bit online, I’ve seen people posting the exact same issues on US fora. Mounts not showing when summoned, not being able to gain combo/chi points or even buttons not working altogether even though mobs are still beating down on you.
It also seems to be localized more in the open world in the new zones.

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There are problems with this game.

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Started an alt, Worgen. Just had to give up, took me 2-3 seconds to loot anything, and the RP was just delayed so much that I wondered if things had stopped.

But then again, Gilneas instance server has always been extremely messed up, and Blizzard don’t care one bit anyway.


yup a tonne of lag for the last week … for some reason it seems to be only on my monk alt, everyone else seems fine.

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I’ve only ever seen one tweet about this but I presume it’s still an ongoing issue

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It’s been an on going issue since launch but instead of fixing it they’ve made it worse.

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Im out of here, I got lag spikes for last 2 weeks sometimes around 300 latency. Waste of time and money and nerves…

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todays legion invasion in highmountain:

i did it on monk, no lag.

then did it on warrior. was running in the air instead of on mount (like OP mentioned), and abilities like victory rush showed as available after the buff was gone, along with most abilities lagging, and quest status taking 10-20 seconds to update.

went on pala, no lag, HOWEVER, i did the elite boss wq, but it didn’t trigger as complete. unfortunately the assault ended as i tried to kill him a second time.

side note, during the highmountain legion assault last week there was insane lag on all toons (did it on about 6 of them).

issue is not me, unless some random, and short lived issue came up with my ip, so i would say issue is on blizz side. made a post about last weeks highmountain lag and a blue just moved the thread to technical and gave me the usual “check this check that” when i know its not on my end.

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It’s all the shafting going on


It’s one of the undocumented changes of this patch: Players will randomly experience ridiculous server side lag, bugged mount animations, and more!

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