What was your favourite SL moment? (Spoilers)

Hello everyone! I was curious as to what people thought their favourite moment was in Shadowlands so far? It can range from the most awesome moment, to the one that yanked at the heartstrings. Name a couple if you wish!

For me, I have a couple. The first, obviously, had to be the return of Ysera. To hear Nightsong in a positive light for a change was very enjoyable, and it brings closure to her death in Legion, which still brings the feels to the surface.

The second has to be winning the tournament in Maldraxxus soon after you first arrive. Running into a chaotic mess of gladiators and coming out on top just felt good, and I love Krexus as a character. Shame he didn’t last long, but I enjoyed the time he had.

The third has to be the ending of the Ardenweald portion of the Kyrian storyline. That made me feel so sad, and shows that even characters that don’t even have much of a presence in the overall story can gain a major attachment from players. I consider Willow the Runas of SL, and I love her for that.

So what do you all feel is your favourite moment of SL so far? Lets hear what you all have to say!


Agreed 100%. Got me tearing up during Legion, got me tearing up in SL again.

Then for me the quests in Ardenweald regarding Vol’Jin after they killed him during Legion so…randomly.

As Blood Elf obviously meeting Kael Thas was a nice touch too and fighting against KT…

and although I can see people getting triggered by this…I loved loved loved the two cinematic of Anduin and Sylvanas. Basically showing that soomewhere deep down the Ranger - General is still in her, also that she isnt just plainly evil/ has no feeliings. Does not excuse her action but after I basically quit when the Burning of Teldrassil appeared, at least it was something…i dont know but the quote “U cant kill hope” resonanted with it somehow- the hope that she at least doesnt die a pure villain.

I also loved Anduin mirroring his action from the Lordaeron cinematic when we escaped the Maw.

I guess I could find a lot more when it comes to lore (Uther, Draka) tbh but Ill leave it at that :slight_smile:

Turalyon confirming Stromgarde is reclaimed and talking about securing other old territories of the Alliance.


Hmm let’s see. I’ve only done Maldraxxus and Revendreth so far. Penultimate chapter of the Necrolords campaign was great, Balmedar is a my favourite so far. All interactions with Kael in Revendreth were fun too. But yeah, I’d much rather know how things are going on Azeroth while we’re gone.

Meeting Kael’thas in Revendreth. I hope he will take leadership of the blood elves again.


I hope Blizzard won’t cross this line. Allied Mag’har brought enough headache.

He is miles better then Lor’(who)themar.

My favourite SL moment was actually Anduin’s opening line in the Sylvanas’ choice cinematic.

“Eh… There she is again…”

That really resonated with me. And while that may be cynical, I am actually fully serious about that. Nothing in SL touched me as much as this moment of seeing my feelings expressed in the game, if only for a moment.


Seeing Baine “Chief” Bloodhoof finally at his rightful place sitting in the streets of Oribos nagging passersbys for food/change.


I must say that my overall interest and investment in the SL cast, has been at an all time low.
It gets hard to develop attachment towards characters in a setting that I know that will never interact with the main scenario of the game once we exit their domain.

Add to the above, the fact that any Azeroth reference is always but a callback to the dumpster fire that BfA was, and the total sum drops my interest down to zero.

But if I had to name moments that felt enjoyable, I’d probably go for the Bwonsamdi dungeon. Shame it’s framed by a campaign devoted almost exclusively to NE themes (had hoped it’d be more neutral).

Being able to free some of the Night Elf souls from the maw

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Adding to this Yesera’s reaction to most of the stuff that had happened after her death during the play, i think its best summed up by Ysera looks concerned

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So far the most enjoyable part so far was Ardenweald theater, because it summarizes rather well my opinion about the last 2 expansions. Starts with the quest “Boon of Shapes” iirc, in the beginning of the night fae covenant campaign.

Other than that, Shadowlands is just a place where I walk around and gather clues about different events and characters and this collecing bits and pieces together was rather enjoyable, but it’s hard to describe “the one” great moment.

I guess, as an honourable mention I would also mention sitting for the 1st week of Shadowldands just in Oribos and collecting all the dialogues of different characters I could find. To me that is oddly satisfying. Reminds me a bit the days of my childhood when I really liked point-and-click adventure games, but was too stupid to actually solve the puzzles. Not that it changed much, but still.

gl hf

Yep. This. The enitre “Heeeere we go again, eyeroll” feeling.

I did also like the Night Fae “initiation” play, because it was so damn obvious that nobody had any idea what they’re talking about. Except me and Ysera, of course. Fell off my chair, laughing.

Edit. And for some reason, every time in Nathria when Renathal says “This Mirrahhh”

Edit 2. Mikanikos’ memory lane in the Bastion world quests. Explains so much why he’s so grumpy about the Mnemis units turning “all…PURPLE”. It’s not just that he built them. He created the concept. They’re his invention. Of course he’d take it personally when they were turned.

Being extracted by Draka, and then hearing her story, gladdened me and really underlined what the shadowlands is, and then Ysera of course :slight_smile:

Making Tea with Tubbins and Gubbins


The only good parts of SL story were

  • Ysera in Ardenweald
  • the theater play at the start of the Night Fae campaign
  • I guess the tea time in Revendreth was fun too

Honestly, this has to be my most favorite part of this expansion as well. I also feel like this every time I see her.

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