What went wrong with dragonflight

Congrats, I guess you can flex on the two remaining online people in your guild with your rio score.


there’s a difference between casual content and playing content casually.

Just grind m+ casually, since that is a thing you think you can do. There’s your content

The RNG involving the Evoker Legendary has managed to burn me out in unexpected ways. Meanwhile the Activities in Zaralek are so time gated that I do not feel like playing much now.

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what has flexing got to do with anything. The issues in the game aren’t the current iteration of m+. It’s because the devs waste our time, have no bad rng protection, alt unfriendly etc

these are definitely major issues here

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no there isn’t if a content lets you play it casually then it means it’s a casual conten. m+ doesn’t let you do it since it’s harder to get into a group later in the season & you have to grind for months if you want to reach a point which isn’t clear because there aren’t enough rewards to do that content, m+ is doomed as a whole.

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no one said anything about rewards. Casual content = easy. You’re just rambling incoherently. lol

Shadowlands had torghast…

which made real players have to grind that cancerous place

can you stop trolling the topic ?

there’s no trolling if i actually believe that. It’s WoW. Not Hello Kitty Island Adventures

okay since you won’t stop trolling & don’t have any arguements ,i’ll ignore you just like i did to your main. come with another char. when you have an actual arguement and experience in more mmos than wow .

i have arguments, you just don’t want to hear them because you are a zug zug casual lol

Doesn’t matter, since she/he emphasized as they are getting in right direction with adding something as torghast to new expansion, while it’s old concept. Mage tower also was in legion. They don’t move in right direction, they just do random things

You are wrong. The story is something I like a lot. The raid or die mentality is stupid. I know a lot of casuals who don’t play hard content. They like TW, M0, LFR, openworld


Then i just feel bad for you. The current writers are awful. All the “content” you mention is a precursor to actual content.

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exactly. wotlk for example is also a raid logging expansion but the leveling experience, story & dungeon gearing is enough to keep casuals entertained. i do m+ too btw but i do it because there’s literally nothing else to do . torghast is one of the best things that happened in mmo industry they just implemented it wrong .


Lol, lmao even

Same here, the content you mention is enough to keep me entertained, if that leads to someone else feeling superior and looking down on me, crack on - don’t bother me :smiley:

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In the moment you said something about M+ all the dungeoners start jumping on u…Is said that open world content is dead after one week…Is said that you see everybody running in a circle in valdrakenn waiting to get into a group…Is said that every season your gear is reset and not even a piece is relevant anymore…Is sad that M+ has better gear then raiding…DF was the same thing like all other expansions…8 dungeons 1 raid every season for 6 months…I can’t find anything fun in repeating the same dungeons for 6 months…But the new expansion at least will bring some cool stuff like warbands/delves…I know is not that much but warbands will make soo much easier to play your alts…

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