What would be your MW Patch Notes?

Another MW who was asked to roll hPala for the next tier here. I’m lucky that I think both melee healers are fun, but still, not MW.

It mainly rolls down to that we don’t have any raid CDs outside Revival, which is just a 3 minute raid heal and mass dispel. And Yu’lon isn’t really anything to brag about, just a glorified soothing mist pet.
Our healing is there, easily competes with every other healer, mana (for atotm users) isn’t a problem as long as you only channel EF for the atotm legendary, and keeping RJW, RnM and RSK on CD, ocassionally casting EvM for the tanks. We just need that thing that will want raids to bring them to their roster, since just throughput doesn’t cut it.

So I thought about some ideas that I came up with. Maybe blizzard might scroll through the Monk forums and take some inspiration.

First, I think reworking Revival would be a good start.

Revival (Idea 1)

  • Revival has been split into 2 cooldowns. You now have a Revival (2/3 min CD) that heals all party/raid members for x%, and the Mass Dispel (45/60 sec CD) from the old Revival as its own cooldown.

This would let you give your raid/party an emergency heal, and give you the option to instantly dispel any raid/party wide Poison/Magic/Disease dots, without having to worry that the other component being wasted.

Revival (Idea 2)

  • Any overhealing from Revival on your Party/Raid will now be turned into an Absorption shield.

Now Revival can be used as an incoming damage reduction cooldown, while also keeping the Heal/Dispel part.

Revival (Idea 3)

  • When you cast Revival, your raid/party members will Stagger all incoming damage for the next 5 seconds. Revival will now heal and dispel 3 seconds after Revival has been cast.

What if you implement the Brewmaster Stagger ability into a party/raid wide cooldown? It would give us the needed raid CD, and keep the heal/dispel component.

That’s what came up in my head for Revival, as for Yu’lon though. Honestly I don’t really see it being that interesting. It’s just a press and forget CD that only does healing to 3 party/raid members at a time and barely shows up on the meters for being a 3 min cd.

Invoke Yu’lon (Idea 1)

  • The target cap for Invoke Yu’lon has been removed. Every Renewing Mist that you’ve applied will be refreshed to their full duration (20 Seconds Normal/30 Seconds with Thunder Focus Tea). Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 15 seconds.

This is what I would think Yu’lon should be, a good raid/party wide healing CD that also refreshes your hots.

Invoke Yu’lon (Part 2)

  • Invoke Yu’lon has been removed. Invoke Chi-Ji has been made baseline.

It’s just better. It boosts our melee heals, and Chi-Ji gives you a 100% cost and cast reduction to Enveloping Mist.

Invoke Yu’lon (Idea 3)

  • The cooldown of Invoke Yu’lon has been reduced to 60/90 seconds. (From 180 seconds.)
    The cost of Invoke Yu’lon has been reduced to 1750 Mana. (From 2500 Mana)

Now its low healing is justified with a low cooldown, and gives you the option to just bake it into your rotation

Something I would like to see is ATotM turning into a smart heal.
Right now it just heals whoever has lost HP, regardless if he has 99% HP left compared to the other guy who has 45% or something.

Yeah that’s about it.

TL;DR: revert to Warlords of Dreanor’s MW class design.

Long version:

  • Bring back Chi
  • Bring back Stances
  • Remove the GCD on Soothing Mist
  • Bring back oldschool Mana tea
  • Bring back Spear-handed strike
  • Bring back Nimble brew
  • Bring back Cocoon while stunned
  • Bring back Pool of Mists (3 charges of Renewing Mist & RSK)
  • Bring back Chi brew
  • Reduce the cooldown on Fortifying brew
  • Healing elixirs now trigger automatically upon reaching 35% HP

The ideas of Rompuche all sound amazing! MW is currently broken and bad! Espacially in PVP

-Monk mastery Gust of Mists unlike other healers felt like its glued on to the spec rather than being truly part of it. Part of that is because of the very mechanic and theme. It is just additional number on top of our healing. It has nothing special to it to be considered as a mastery. Unlike for example Shaman or Druid, whose mastery directly affects spec as a whole, numerically and thematically, gameplay wise:
-Shaman mastery increases EVERY ounce of healing it comes from them for every % of HP the ally is missing. It has synergy with all items, talents, spells, everything that comes from them. Which is cool and it makes it as something theirs. The amount of heals they can put out when group is about to wipe is amazing. Its their thing! Shamans are known for healing a lot when people are low.

-Druid mastery rewards the player for upkeeping more hots on targets, increasing healing from ALL effects for every hot an ally has. It is something that is always present. And also like Shaman’s mastery it has synergy with almost every item/effect/legendary/etc…

-Monk mastery however is just being plain simple and ignored by so many bonuses and effects. None of the legendaries which increase our Vivify, Enveloping mist or any other spells healing, none of that increases our mastery healing. Making it stand out as something that’s not rly part of the spec. That and some other things is what keeps me annoyed a lot, because whenever I get some legendary or go from expansion to expansion with new bonuses and effects for healing spells., ALL other healers benefit from it more than Monks as their mastery passives affects that in some way.
This are the changes that I believe should be implemented into MW mastery to make it feel more as part of the spec. This would require the mastery scaling to be tuned down to reasonable numbers however, but it would result in a much smoother and better spec.

  • Bonuses that affect spells which proc our Mastery “Gust of mists” (like legendaries) should also increase its healing as well by some %.
  • Gust of Mists” should affect targets cleaved by Vivify for % of mastery value. (great Synergy with Essence Font Aoe burst healing)
  • Reneving Mist should proc “Gust of Mists” at certain value when it jumps to new target.
  • Soothing MIst procs “Gust of Mists” every X ticks. rather than “has % to proc”
  • [Talent] Summon Jade statue should also proc “Gust of Mists” at 50% power.
  • [Talent] Refreshing Jade Wind procs “Gust of Mists” at initial cast.
  • [Talent] Chi Burst procs “Gust of Mists” at allies it heals.
  • [Talent] Chi Wave procs “Gust of Mists” whenever it heals an ally.
  • [Talent] Upwelling- REWORK; casting a spell which is not a repeat of pervious one increases healing of next Essence Font and its mastery bonus by 20% per stack. (Max 5 stacks)
    EXpel Harm: refreshes duration of your HOTS on ally it heals.
  • Each time your Renewing Mist jumps to a new target it reduces the mana cost of the next spell you cast on them by 20%

Those are some of the things that would make the spec feel much more connected to its mastery and much better overall.