What would the character above you drop? #2

[Fractured Vial of Elune]

Use: Briefly heals the target, but the healed amount dissipates after 5 seconds.

By strange coincidence or fate, Léawyn dropped and broke it the very night Teldrassil fell.
[Extra-sweet Cupcake]

Use: Slightly increases the movement speed and gives happy buff for one hour.

Eating this will make you uncontrollably smile and laugh in joy. Note: Do not consume before attending to a funeral.
[Well-used Gnomish Music Box]

Use: Plays the music stored within.

Contains a large number of songs from the Forsaken musician Pinkin Lark. And be careful; its edges are so sharp you could cut yourself on them.
[Illidan's Autograph]


Use: Summons an image of Illidan flexing and saying ''You are not prepared!''.

To be noticed by Lord Illidan and receive his autograph is something every Illidari dreams about.
[Ghoul treats]

Consumable for Death Knights' pets and other undead, poisonous for everyone else.

"Shaped like skulls, various bones, fat juicy grubs and other notable unpleasantries. Do not confuse with Hallow's End confectionary."
His horn , ears , limbs and head decapitated and cut painfully , i wouldn t keep them though maybe some fell hound would find them a quarter half eatable, what could a freak like that drp pfff ... one of tabard sel for 500-600 000 gold and i got them all and countless tcg tys mount and gold so a peasant like that can t bring me something worthy.
@ Darkian

[Illidari Skipping Rope]

A toy. Your character whips out a skipping rope and uses it for about ten seconds. Has an absurd cooldown like two hours, or something … no fun allowed, people.

Text: "Skip me!"

@ Ussrainblood

[Prescribed Medication]

Grey vendor trash item.

Text: "This bottle appears to have never been opened, and thus it can be deduced that the medication inside has never been used."
[Church Records]

Grey item, book.

"A small book once kept to record the Tirisfal deaths to the plague of undeath before its scope grew beyond all hope of control. It lists the citizen, their date of birth and date of death. Several of the names have recently been crossed out with the meticulous hand of someone dedicated to their work and a job well done."

[Old Shovel]

Toy which lets you "bury" a dead player, friend or foe, by replacing the body with a small mound of dirt.

"A promise is a promise..."
[Ruined Black Velvet Robes]

Grey item, can be sold, handed in to The Scrap-o-Matic 1000 or disenchanted for a few Gloom Dust.

"That was a pair of perfectly fine robes. Why did the Forsaken have to ruin it with the sticking out bones?"
(The Thalassian Times)

Grey item, newspaper.

For all the elves away from Silvermoon, here are the latest news from the city and surroundings.
[Mysterious Hood]


While you wear this hood you won't be able to see anything, but everyone is going to believe you are a mighty magician who does not need eyes to see.

"I see only darkness..."
[Tirion Action Figure]


Use: Summons a small mechanical figurine of Tirion Fordring that squeaks "The Light!" on repeat.

Comes with movable limbs and karate-chop! Ashbringer sold separately.
Cookies, dough, baked goods and her cookie-smasher 2000
Use: Now you're thinking with... Dough!
[Necklace of Baby-tusks]

neck, unique-equipped, soulbound.

+3 Stamina

Equip: Doesn't destroy the necklace when logging out in a rested zone.

Hide them under your bed, then the Toothpeon will grant you a silver!
Book of prayer

+ 100 stamina
Use: Summons a ring of light around the user that heals for 2% maximum health per second, having the duration of 15 seconds.

“This book, clearly ancient, has seen much use yet it clearly is preserved and well taken care of.”
[Coral Collar]

Neck item, boosting stats but also giving a passive 5% swim speed increase. On use, it gives underwater breathing for 1 minute with a 2 minute cooldown.

"It is said that a piece of red coral makes a good protective charm. Opinions differ as to what it's supposed to protect you from..."
[Grimoire of dreams]

Toy: Upon use, makes the user hallucinate, filling their mind with mysterious, often cryptic messages while the world around them shapes constantly to produce different scenes to match those messages.

"Wit is a tool and imagination a door. Find the meaning behind the veil and stand on the pallete of different realities within the mind."
[Severed Gilrom's Left Ear]

Quest item, a drop required to finish off the [Wanted: GILROM] quest.

"Yes, that was really necessary. Also had to be specifically his left ear, the right wouldn't do the trick at all."

A Voidling battlepet with some frost like abilties.

A product of her mastery of Void and Frost, this creature shouldn't be left in your bedroom if you like a warm rest.

Cosmetic staff for transmog

An updated version of Ahune's weapon.

Killing an elemental lord is one thing, bending his powers to your will is another.
[Elven Assassin's Head]
"The head is mostly intact. The elf's face is twisted into an angry scowl."

This is a quest item you have to deliver after a quest chain where you have to hunt down an assassin who has been killing important people.