What's actually the Jailer's plan?

If we take Arthas, as the prime example of what happens when one loses their soul, as he is pretty much the only one to really elaborate on it. They know what they’re doing and that it’s terrible, but they don’t have conscience so don’t feel bad about it. That said general feature of Warcraft’s undead is an overwhelming subscribtion to the idea of consequentialism, which is where all this falls apart, because in order to sell a consequentialist idea you need to establish consequences…

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When it comes to undeath, the explanation of how things like emotions and conscience work have always been murky if not outright contradictory. The only real answer we have to this is that the souls of undead are “attached imperfectly” to their bodies, but it clearly seems to differ from case to case.
Arthas lost his soul completely when he picked up Frostmoune and was still able to understand that what he was doing was bad and wrong from time to time, until he ripped his own heart out and killed what remained of his humanity.
Sylvanas was definitely able to feel emotions ( good and bad ) after becoming undead and with a piece of her soul missing, although no longer able to feel remorse for her actions either.
Some undead stayed much the same as they were in life ( Alonsus Faol, Zelling, Derek Proudmoore ) whereas others like Sira were only able to feel rage and hatred.

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It was quite consistent, until Blizz decided to throw the established rules of the setting out of the window cca around Before the Storm/Legion.


The book did alot of damage, to be sure, and it went downhill from there.

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Thing is he can rewrite reality but it will not affect ones who created it as they are obviously beyound even his understanding, So if he is doing it to piss theese maybe omnipotent beings off and they actualy get angry at him he is going to be blinked out of existence.

Maybe, maybe not. We have no reason to believe either thing. If reality itself can be manipulated, everything can.

That’s the neat thing, you we don’t (know).

“We’re racing to stop someone we don’t know from doing something we don’t understand, for reasons we haven’t been told, in a place we aren’t familiar with, for stakes that aren’t clear.”

It’s a quite from a massivelyop article, but it has stuck with me since reading it. Shadowlands has no right being so poorly told a story, yet here we are.


it’s not the destination its the journey - Steve Dauser most likely

Probably to use some tools of Zereth Mortis to rewrite reality or some stuff like that.
In order to do that, he will probably have to defeat Azeroth by either using his domination magic on her, or by killing her while she is bound to the planet.

I’m assuming that he will try to kill her, because we know that one of his many abilities will be, that he will fire some sort missiles on Azeroth until her HP is at 20%.

I believe his ultimate goal is to enslave everything in the universe by using Zereth Mortis/Azeroth’s world soul.

I absolutely love this summary.

The dungeon journal says for one of the new bosses:

That can’t be it, can it?
I mean, if that’s it they still manage to baffle me.

I’m growing more and more convinced that at this point they’re just trying to get this over with. Zovaal himself appears in that wierd limbo where we see him too much to be a Sauron, but we know too little for him to be a Thanos typologically.

There was never any mystery about the Jailer he said he wants to remake the reality into that where everyone would serve him so he was a shallow garbage villain from the very start…

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Well, since his motivations were supposed to be tied to the ones of characters like Sylvanas, Denathrius, Mueh’zalah and Helya… the obvious explanation just doesn’t fit very well. And that was interpreted as a mystery, instead of just braindead writing, since even we try to go for the benefit of the doubt now and again…

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Well turns out it was just brain-dead writing after all

Doesn’t really cut it, in context of how many stories hinge on it and how much spotlight he got.

Do u really think they care? They probably think this story is masterpiece and are patting themselves on the back as we speak xD


They made a mystery of it, though, considering there is more to his backstory. Zovaal wasn’t just a dangerous being that was locked into the Maw. He was the Arbiter. And he was cast down by his “siblings” for striving for “forbidden knwoledge”. Then he was chained with domination magic. And only then did he master that. The eternals were very evasive about his background and his goals. And considering the death realms are just 3D printed, there are legitimate questions about the legitimacy of the “purpose”. We have all the ingredients we would need for a halfway satisfactory villain arc. Zovaal tried to understand the Shadowlands’ design principles and questioned the wisdom of the devs. For that he was banned. He was influenced by the magic used to do that, and became a darker entity, obsessed with tearing it all down and doing it better. He recruited beings that felt wronged by the world, and were fine with a reset, if they had some input on it.

That’s not a great villain, but it’s perfectly serviceable. He isn’t “right”, but we can understand him. But instead it now reads like “he is a bad guy, because he is a bad guy”. That’s not just braindead. That’s deliberately pooping on the setup the writers gave us, and replacing it with nothing.


Collect the infinity stones, Snap reality into doing what he wants to do. Because he’s the biggest and baddest so all must serve. Basic generic big badguy stuff, they just decided to link him to all previous lore to make him seem much more scary and impressive than he actually is.
Let’s be real, I don’t know anybody who actually thinks the jailer is a good villain. I’d be more compelled to be fighting the scarlet crusade, or super murloks. Hell, I’d think Thogger would make a more interesting boss than this guy.

Sylvanas believed following him would give her, and her people, but mostly just her a way out of getting condemned to the maw. Which she TOTALLY SAW GUYS BELIEVE ME when she threw herself off icecrown.
But got booty blasted when he said her trigger word so she decided to SAVE DA DAY! and failed. Until next patch when she’ll probably throw herself into the forge of creation to reactivate it, or holdoor or something “Heroic” Because she’s totally good now.

Also no badguys ever did anything wrong in wow, they were all controlled by greythanos. It was all totally his plan. If there’s a dread lord, it’s thanos. Or they had there soul split, totally.

They did my boy garrosh dirty. Yet that one cutscene instantly made him more likeable than sylvanas could ever hope to be.

Is there more to his story? Maybe, but it will probably be in a book or something to explain what the hell is going on. Or it will all be hand waved with some mguffin from the next patch.
All i know is wow needs to learn more of the show, don’t tell.