What's happening with this Realm?

I’m sure there probably isn’t one, but has anybody heard of any plans by Blizzard with that’ll happen to empty realms?
Right now we’re of only two servers who are stuck on Low Population. It isn’t impossible to play like many cry about, there’s a few decently sized guilds and you can find a group for dungeons relatively quickly (On Horde side at least), but it’s still somewhat upsetting to see the population say low compared to all the rest, and I’m sure I’m not the only one just feeling dooped by the offer of a free transfer.

Give it time, it has definitely got/getting better since i transferred a couple of weeks ago.

I think once layering is switched off people will be more inclined to move.

its a Sunday and the server is still low pop LOLZ free transfers have been open for a while now

This server is made to test 1-60 routes for questing addons/guides. Literally no other purpose since you can’t even get SM groups

Yet you guys still play here.
Don’t know what’s your problem. Never had any issues finding a group. Maybe you should build your rep within your faction, instead of opening a topic for the same whining every day.

Clearly didn’t read the post. Not whining, just wondering what the plan is.

Plan most likely is to wait until layering is removed (with phase 2 afaik) and let the exodus from high pop to low pop servers begin. Dragonfang was listed as medium this evening by the way.

As of now we are medium.

Proof the realm has been growing all this time.

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Nice! About damn time :grin:

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Badly need some more people on this server. Dead AF.

Do you want Golemagg? Cause there is a realm for this mentality. It’s called Golemagg. Server is fine. Population is fine. Ah is fine. Please don’t want 50k people here. That’s why I transferred here from a 50k realm.

Server is still dead. who ever says the server is fine needs to go and seek some professional help.

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Excuse me?

You need help bud. server is not fine.

if you think that this server is ok than open your eyes… its not okay… there is problem find ppl to dungeon on every level… if you type /who 30-35 you find maybe 30ppl in peak of the day.(if you type this on any server it find 50+ ). in my opinion there is maybe 1200 players in peak that is horrible especially in classic where you just need other guys so i beg for some pronouncement from blizzard what is in plan bcs i dont wanna spend other month of exp on char for nothing.


Server is dead.

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Re roll, this server is dead.

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