What's the current Horde to Alliance ratio?

Just curious where we are standing at at the moment. Where ever I go I feel like there’s at least 10 alliance compared to 1 horde, am I imagining things? O_o

Actually it is pretty equal for me. And horde usually do more wpvp too so they appear more

it feels pretty even, sometimes you see more horde sometimes c it’s the opposite.

I have the distinct impression that there are about 4 alliance for every 3 horde. Expect for when I get ganked, then there are always 2-3 alliance for every 1 horde.

I have absolutely no proof to back up my statements.


which is always how i feel

I left my toon 55 on another realm, to roll here, i leveled a toon on ally side until 10 just to “feel” this faction, and then i delete it and roll horde until 10 . I think there are more new players Ally side.
So as i always do i will play horde side, moreover it seems to be the underdog.

I did a lot of PvP with this rogue during vanilla (rank 11) hope i will enjoy ZT.
I play a Priest UD for a change
See you IG

slightly alliance favored for sure. However zandalar tribe is known as THE alliance pvp server, so expect even more alliance to come here in the future

Wasnt there a report released where it showed 52% Alliance, 48% Horde? So it is pretty balanced.

It’s one of the most balanced realms in Europe, but with a very small Alliance domination. PVP realms tend to be Horde dominated, while RP realms tend to be Alliance dominated, so those two properties seem to offset each other.

where is ZT known as THE alliance pvp server?

Not found an accurate data resource to compare the Factions yet.

I’ve played since release on Zandalar Tribe EU as Horde.

Horde requires more PvP Players, as opposed to PvE Gamers.

Only experienced the zones up to the low 40’s but it seems even there.

I think Alliance seem to be more interested in controlling the PvE aspect of the game.

I went to get the Thorium point FP Weds and the GY camping and FP camping there was ridiculous.

Still, Kargath was great fun!

Perhaps someone could enlighten me on how to contribute to a census that actually works so we can really figure this out? I would gladly run an app or something but i dont know which one i should use.

If 100 people from each faction run a census over the next week we should get pretty reliable data no? Alot of ppl will probably log on this week for BGs and whatnot.

So what should we do in order to get the best possible census data? Enlighten me plz :smiley:

I’m not sure on actual pops, I see a lot of horde calls to switch servers though. And I definitely feel like Alliance is very dominant.

I dont know too. But its quite lively on Horde side. Lots of people in Orgrimmar day and night. Feels like more people than Vanilla. Though Alliance is probably dominating quite a bit. And Phase two has had a negative impact on both servers and some players. I have several friends who have just taken a break until 10th.

I created a char on the realms where hordies goes and Orgrimmar felt like a ghost town there compared to Zandalar Tribe. So I am staying :slight_smile: Since none of my chars are higher than level 47. I haven’t noticed so much trouble.

I ran a cencus on the realm an hour ago. Not sure it it was right or how much they can be trusted, but it said 1885 horde characters online. A friend with alliance account did the same and there was 267 at approx the same time.

if u want, i have a suggestion about how we can get a quesstimate,at least for the ratio.it involves using the AH,if we consider that the max time for a auction is 48 hours.i propose to colect numbers from the number of total auctions.for example.today(Saturday) at 4:05 PM server time we got aprox 20k auctions total on the horde AH,if some1 from the ally side can scan the AH and post some numbers and some hours,we can get a quesstimate.if we can do this a few times a day for like 2 or 3 days.i think we can get some data.

If you want an addon with a website to show statistic here:

wowclassicpopulation dot com

You install the census classic addon, and run it while playing. Then you log it to the website and see the stats. I’m running it for ZT Horde for maybe a week and a half. The server is basicly even. Need more people on alliance logging for the website though.

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How do you know its even then if you dont have the data for the alliance side?

Check the website, there are people logging it… But of course the more who do the more accurate it is. It is not 100% accurate because it’s an addon who is used while people are playing the game thus it’s not 24/7. Still you get a good idea of the ratio.