What's the lore explanation for this?

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why is it that elwyn forest wolves are level 1 while wolves on kul tiras are level 110+?

i know the mechanical/ doylist reason for it - elwyn is a nab zone so it has nab enemies so nabs can level there - but think for a second about how this looks from a watsonian perspective.

imagine being a level 90 dude. you wander out of stormwind heading for goldshire, for some reason (wink wink), and you walk directly past a wolf’s nose, so it attacks you and you slap it aside with ease. then, someone summons you to tiragarde sound for some reason and you see a wolf that looks basically the same as the one you just killed - maybe a little more hi res, but the same shape, same size legs, teeth, etc - only this time it spots you from half a mile away, charges at you, and mauls you to death with a single chomp

is there a lore reason for the difference in wolf (and scorpion, and boar, and etc etc) power levels, or is it just another piece of lazy world building we’re supposed to ignore because of a small independent studio struggling to make ends meet?


You are supposed to ignore it, yeah, just like how you are supposed to ignore that some gang members are level 120 while the Lich King is not even level 100. I’m not sure what you are expecting, exactly?


Just gameplay, mate. Same reason the Darkmoon Faire wolves keep getting lvls added every now and then.


Now I kind of want to see fanfiction about this wolf pack, doing their best to buff themselves up to be ready to face the hordes of violent poachers harrassing them every time Darkmoon is open…


You can not expect a lore description for everything. Just accept it as gameplay mechanic.

  • It is like a gnome rogues can pierce Manoroths Armor with their little daggers.
  • Or execute does not kill instantly
  • Or Skeletons suffer from neural poison and can be slowed by hamstring
  • Or only every third Bear in Stormheim has a heart (heartless beasts)
  • Or a gnome can wield Zin’Rokhs… a UNIQUE sword, in every hand one… a sword nearly to big for a troll… TWO of them… UNIQUE…
  • Or a Dark Iron Dwarf named Vonbumnut can tank, half naked even an old god.
  • Or a catapult can burn Teldrasil…

Now I can not play this game anymore, nothing makes sense…


well have been people who has survived stuff that shouldve killed them like death by electrocution or bullet rain, is even dude that survived having a train ride over him and was basicly in half.
Or a metal bar through his brain. So execute not Always killing makes sense somewhat.
And certainly for trolls in wow due regeneration.


I am sure most of executions are lethal. But ok. Strike it. I still wonder why we do all the dirty jobs while kinds in capitals do nothing. THIS LITTLE DEVILS ARE INVINCIBLE EVBEN WITH NO ARMOUR!


you mean kids?
and ever see the kids that consatntly run in a pentragram and then in evening go to house where you then hear c’thun? i wouldnt trust them.

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there is no lore explanation and there can’t be any lore explanation.

Just like when I go into ICC and one-shot the Lich King because he’s terribly under-leveled.

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… right, so “poorly constructed game world” it is then


Did you notice it just now? You didn’t notice it back in The Burning Crusade when a chaos orc peon was of the same level of Kel’Thuzad?


not poorly constructed its just normal game mechanics for any game with lvls in it at all newer enemies will be thougher/have higher numbers even if are same type of mobs or are only grunts vs a dragon. Its just how you make a game world work with levels has to be progessions aswell.

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