WHATS the Name of these Glaives for Non-DHs?

The video is the quest line around Vol’jin.
In the first scene in Zuldazar you can see a warrior carrying a glaive, or rather a weapon that looks like one.
Does anyone know the name of this weapon? Would make me habby af :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately if you were planning to use this item, it’s not possible. Took me a while of digging around to find what weapon that is, and turns out it’s the glaive of vol’jin.

It is a quest item, so it’s unusable for anything. The only reason why the warrior is using it is because it happens to be a part of the cut scene. And on the off-chance that you’re talking about the other weapon, it’s a weapon called the Flamegrinder (also unobtainable as of now).

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Dissapointing… but thanks a lot!

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