Whats the point of Odyns dury?

Was feeling the same from season 1 in dragonflight and was happy the playstyle changed, but now in season 3 we need to play odyns fury when in my opinion is boring and clonky. Anyone feels the same?.
And again in my opinion yhe fix is not that hard, swap odyns fury with bladestorm even the weaker fury version is more fun.

I agree it gets clunky, when you get (4), and OF get CDR that throws it off and turns it into an AoE OS.

If you dont have (4) you are still playing the old build, so hey - Gz on (4)! :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

TT also makes OF just off, so TT strikes down on OF again with its malice. Maybe one day DB will stack up - so you dont get that awkward delay, but till then - It is what it is.

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