What's the ratio now?

Nonsense tbh the horde on Firemaw are a joke. Barely able to control any areas.

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Exactly. In Azshara, previous thursday, there were a hundred Alliance steamrolling everything, we had to retreat from that zone. Then in the Blasted Lands hundreds of allies were competing with us for Lord Kazzak. And Kargath was under assault by about 40 alliance. You guys were everywhere.

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Ratio is around 56%horde 44%ally but its getting worse day by day. asuming its 60/40 in 2weeks… and if u play horde in EU (english) PVP server it really doesnt matter where u play we have 17 servers and 16 of those are in favor for hordes. Dragonfang is the only server where allys have a slight Lead 51vs49

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The only numbers we have are from wowlogs and they are based on players voluntarily submitting logs, they aren’t accurate at all

Everywhere I go alliance is controlling every zone. I find that more frequent than the opposite.

I play Horde over on Firemaw. It’s obvious that there’s more Horde than Alliance, so things like world bosses are Horde favoured.

But not everything else. The Alliance are usually more organised and prepared. So really, it’s quantity vs quality.

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There are more horde, but alliance are more prepared for pvp, have more, larger tryhard guilds and have better tactics. they also move better. You don’t see many organised horde guilds countering this, just large mobs that eventually take over an area, but by then the Allies have moved to another zone.

I do not know who can stand behind those oudated statistics from launch where it was 43/57, like whoever is playing from Alliance and claims that balance is almost evened out is not even playing the game, SG, WP, EP, BS is extremely heavily dominated by Horde and you cannot even enter a dungeon without deathrunning for 30-50minutes, past 11am up to 12am it’s not even fair to be Alliance, even if there are premades that are organized from Alliance side, they do not beat 2x the number of Hordes, maybe a few fights here and there, but on other places Horde is running loose, so idk what are these Hordes talking about for having to die once or twice when in reality numbers are extremely disbalanced in favor of Horde and BG’s won’t resolve anything rather more cause more issues, FACTS.
Hopefully Blizzard realizes what the issue is and forces Faction queue so we can get a better place to play on, because in peak hours it’s quite evident that we’re the minority here as an Alliance player.
There is no fairness when there is 2x the amount of players in opposite faction, I’d like to get 1 video or proof of any Alliance dominating or demolishing Horde in large numbers with a bigger scale battle, reality is that Firemaw is Horde server.
Blizzard release the stats just like Private Servers do so we can have insight on % and get better playability.

Talking absolute nonsense Ceva at this very moment the Alliance have absolute control of SG + BS which gives them total control over BRM.

Stop pretending buddy, I am softlocked from SG fp, 10 deaths for 30 yards moved, just stop pretending please :slight_smile:

Well type “Honor Capped! Firemaw” in yt. And thats just one guild. It’s clearly you who “is not even playing the game” as you said yourself.