What's the ratio now?

I’m about to roll a horde character on firemaw (I didn’t have the time to play a lot up until now), and I’m just wondering if the ratio isn’t too unbalanced. Anything at or over 60/40 is fine.

Thing is: wpvp and pvp is fun when both factions can put up a fight, not when it’s one-sided

Wowhead stats put Firemaw at 45% Ally and 55% Horde.

I personally disagree with this, I feel its more 30% Ally and 70% Horde… Everywhere I go, grind spot, quest spot… huge groups of Horde lol


I play horde and I never feel like we outnumber the alliance, across all zones levelling, I see plenty of allies. Its anecdotal, but feels fairly balanced

You feel that way because the majority of your cesspool faction is 60 and entertain themselves by mass-camping every single dungeon entrance… Sorry but one can’t help but wonder what sort of neckbeards circle-jerk outside BRD at 4 a.m. ganking people 5-8 levels below them…

Alliance is heavily outnumbered. Of course Horde doesn’t feel it. Since they get to camp Alliance 5v1.

Horde dominated server, could be worse.

Aye, this server is screwed for ratio.
From day 1 of leveling (I have at least 2 60s & multiple other chars leveling) there has been approx 5 Horde for every 1 Alliance player I see.

People used to think "oh that’s cos you are in “this zone” or “that zone” but this is EVERYWHERE.

Horde have it incredibly easy on this server so you’ll enjoy that aspect as much if you roll Horde.

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Well on the contrary, while I’m leveling my horde rogue, all I see is alliance. Feels like alliance is everywhere.

“All you see is Alliance” because most of your trash neckbeard cesspool faction is camping BRM, DM etc. and hunting down Alliance players 30 on 1 like the psychopathic imbeciles they are…

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±43/57, 44/56.

Pretty much every PVP server has a bigger number of Horde

however, keep in mind that because Firemaw is still layered it’s hard to say exactly what the ratio is because the population differs depending on which layer you are on

If you /who, you’ll find people in all layers right?

Those saying horde outnumber 5 to 1 are exaggerating based on personal experiences. The alliance has also been very aggresive, ganking and killing indiscriminately. They sure don’t behave like they’re outnumbered.

A few days ago there was this rogue camping the main road in Felwood. Yesterday a level 60 and 57 just killed me for no reason in the plaguelands. Needless to say I’ve been keeping a kill list and it is long indeed.

According to my surveys the ratio is about 43/57 ± 44/56 A/H the last couple of weeks, which is not ideal but also not bad when comparing it to alot of other realms.

Seems about right, unlike Shazzrah and Noggenfogger, Firemaw transfers are not horde-only restricted.

In Gadgetzan there’s literally 50 Horde players camping all past level 48 for Honor, and a few, let’s say 4,5 Alliance players, this server is for sure in 70/30 ratio in favor of Horde.
Entire World even before P2 felt extremely filled up with Horde players, I made a few Screenshots and there’s literally 50+ Horde players just circling around Gadgetzan, ratio is in complete disbalance.