What's the story with frost?

I’m starting to insta kick Frost death knights when they join my groups
why is the DPS so garbage ???

Most good DKs play Unholy. Most FDKs play Breath which only works in raids and coordinated M+ groups. Very few FDKs can play Obliteration efficiently and it has a lower M+ key ceiling. FDKs struggle to push past 22 while UDK can push past 24 easier.

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My main is Frost and i love frost. But nothing can be done. Dps is just low. And Unholy is not the best. It deals more dps but it is not enough too.


Its not that the dps of frost or unholy is garbage but its their playstyle that is outdated.
Both they need way more GCD’s to start pumping than other specs so they seem “weak”.
Its like having 2 cars race, the 1st car can reach 100 km in 5sec the other can reach 100km
in 10 sec.

I don’t get frost spec at all.

Yeah it has the grabs and stuff from the left tree.

But the right tree is kinda just ‘spam attack until you get oblits’. It’s ridiculously simple.

I find you don’t really influence the outcome of pvp much.

the problem right now is that it’s incredibly rare to come across a good frost deathknight
when you see one in your groups you can almost 99% of the times guarantee they’re a newbie
the good DKs are playing unholy right now

I’d argue that 2H Obliteration is the current meta build. Rank 1 guy plays it and I’ve had a lot of success with it

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DK in general or as a FDK? I can defo see it as a FDK meta but not DK in general. Top M+ is still UDK.

The buffs to Obliteration style has been really good though and super appreciated!

Unholy Vs Frost is tricky. In 10.0.7 I do think frost has an edge

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