What's with the bad AH prices


So I’ve seen several, and I mean a lot of ridiculous AH prices. For example, people selling PvP recipes for 50g, when it sells to the vendor for 50g… Same with enchanting recipes, they sell to the vendor for 5g, yet they’re on AH for 5g, and I ain’t kidding, there’s 137 of them, not to mention many other recipes.

Do people not read the vendor price? Or the deposit to put on AH? Many are losing money by putting it on for so cheap.

You won’t earn gold that way… You lose it. It’s basic Mathematics.

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Just people with bad TSM settings that they probably copy/pasted from some youtuber without really understanding them tanking the price of everything as usual as they undercut each other.

It might be a case of “one mans trash is another mans treasure” why vendor something if someone else can get something out of it, even if it cost you a couple of gold.
More likely though, its probably bots undercutting eachother to the point where they make no profit, and at the same time ruins the AH and economy as a whole for everyone else.


Sometimes they like to sell to players rather than the vendor.

But usually if you’ve AH addons it will warn you that putting it on the AH with deposit will be more expensive than just vendoring it so most players will avoid this if they can.

But in the business world, it’s not a very smart thing to do. I do think people put them on there without even realising or paying any attention to the prices at all. It’s on soooo many things. Just find it quite annoying as it’s a way for me to make gold.

Ok but what’s your point? If you think the items are undervalued then buy them and sell it for more. This is the same issue as people complaining about being undercut by a huge amount instead of 1 silver.

Doesn’t work 9/10 times. The goblins will have probably set a post qty limit. As soon as you buy them and list them higher they’ll just start posting their excess stock, without even realising, at your new price and continue to undercut each other until it’s back down to vendor price in a few hours, or faster.

Sure, you could keep trying to buy them when they go low again and that used to be viable but the global AH means you’ll end up with literal hundreds or thousands of them that you can’t shift before the goblins start constantly undercutting each other forever again.

Becomes an endless cycle and you become a goblin yourself.

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And you blame people instead of the game’s design which made these items worthless in the first place?

Here’s an example from another game:
Item A is expensive, so people start crafting a ton.
Price drops, causing people to start using it (and losing it more often, since they can afford to).
Price starts to rise, and stabilizes.

Here’s WoW:
Item A is expensive, so people start crafting a ton.
Price drops, but people won’t buy more because you’re only gonna wear one leg armor no matter how cheap it is.
Price drops.
Price drops.
Price drops.

Prices of flasks, pots, enchants, armor etc. has no impact on consumption in WoW. You won’t buy more just because it’s cheaper.

I’m not saying supply and demand isn’t a factor. It obviously is, but there’s more at play too. Main one being that there’s not even any reason to undercut each other anymore to ensure your item is the next one sold yet there’s still thousands of players that do it.

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When there’s nothing else to do, it’s actually pretty fun to drive down the price of commodities. Just watch the listings for a bit, and figure out where the bots are working, and within 20-30 minutes you can tank the price of pretty much anything.

Sure there is, if I undercut by a lot then the goblin will either buy my item to flip it or stop undercutting me every 5 seconds.

WoW doesn’t have buy orders, so people who actually farmed an item and just want to sell it fast for a decent price have to either play the 1s undercut game against bots and nerds who do this 24/7, or undercut by an amount they aren’t willing to match.

If an item’s price reaches vendor value then it’s worthless, which is not a player-made problem.

I think it’s a case of less people buying stuff (or playing in general) since it’s end-of-expansion, and botting inflating the amount of stuff available.

That’s a consequence of the goblins themselves though. Plus, you doing something like that lowers the average market value in TSM, making all TSM users’ scripts value that item lower including the ones that aren’t goblins. It’s part of the problem.

WoW’s economy is very messed up these days. I use TSM because you kind of have to if you’re big on trading and want good results, can’t beat 'em so join 'em and all that, but I’m all for AH addons getting banned outright.

They aren’t losing money. They are making less money. It’s an important difference.

And who cares?

If time is money, whats the sense in auditing recipe prices?

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Maybe they’re being nice to let people have it for Vendor price. :person_shrugging:

I knew this was coming… Entirely not the point. And I’m not buying 1000s of items to resell, to then get undercut again.

I went to list something the other day and I could see listings on there for vendor price, so I just vendored mine instead, no point in listing.

I think people just don’t pay attention when listing.

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The point is if an item’s AH price reaches vendor value, it means the item is worthless in the economy. WoW’s economy is the result of people’s approach towards itemization, farming, consumables and recurring demand for expensive BoE/crafted gear.

That’s why I don’t use and I will never use addons for the AH.

Good thing it’s a game then :sweat_smile: