When a druid clones your kill target... sigh

when a boomkin or a healer on your team clones your kill target when hes low, in execute range and buttons light up as a warrior … even if they clone him full hp when i got all my cds popped, its so troll… literally the worst thing for a fury warrior, losing stacks as well as having to swap target , = losing frenzy buff as well… stop cloning our kill target please ^^ unless we are actually CCED!

It depends on the situation if the target is in Execute range but got a def CD Clone is actually great. Also you can clone NS Heal or let’s say Serenity so healer has no big heal to top him after. It all depends on the situation and requires quite well understanding on the situation. Sometimes you clone kill target also because DR on healer is still there and you want to prevent healer from topping him so you Clone one target and then Clone the healer so you can end the game.

As Ele I found it also frustrating when my partners Cloned too much without a call because then I wasted Flame Shocks on them and couldn’t really deal damage into anything but well communicated Clones are actually great.

What is more frustrating is when I play my SP and people actually Poly the target I have Psyfiend and full dots on in BGs or Solo Shuffle but they are random partners so it’s kinda normal.


most fun to troll people in epic bgs like ashran

Could be worse, you coulda just popped vendetta on it

I would take heed in that advice, if theres no cc on the healer or his heals are not being kicked the druid clones the kill target to stop heals and then clones the healer like Broda said

So u self might need look on those kicks and cc windows when ure trying to make kills I imagine

You can drag kill targets towards healers example if youre a melee and use 123 macro for kick when you see a heal casted if that helps

It’s great when the target has some big Def cd on it like GS, cocoon, ultimate sac, ps, ray and so on.
It will pretty much deny that cd completely

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