When are we getting transfers off this server?

Any timeframe regarding transfers or merges?


Please look into free transfers for this server. It’s starting to become a joke now on the population scale and making it hard to raid with no market for certain items.

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Is free transfers/realm merging on the agenda for Razorgore?
Which no longer has a functioning Auction House nor represents the mmorpg genre.

Or is giving a discount on transfer cost the best we can expect from Blizzard as a company?

Prove me wrong, please.

Any update on transfers?

I see no reason why they would open free migrations away from small realms. There are free migrations going on away from Firemaw which seems overcrowded - huge queues, last night had to wait 62 minutes to get in. Razorgore is one on the free migrations list, so lets hope this realm will grow up again.

Wasn’t Razorgore one major Horde realm during Classic (before TBC)?

Theres no growing back up again on Razorgore. The server is straight up dead. Nobody in their right mind will take a free transfer from Firemaw to Razorgore. The AH is empty. LFG chat is empty with barely a few posts an hour.

So the question is: Why did it die? One of the major realms on Classic suddenly went completely empty? Maybe lets hope 3000 players will free transfer. :laughing:

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884 active player.

So let me get this straight, YOU are enjoying actually playing an MMO on Firemaw but you expect everyone here on a DEAD realm to keep suffering with 0 players online? No ah? No dungeon groups? no raids? The ego on you is beyond my understanding

I never said that. I said Blizzard will never do that as it would be bad business for them to let one realm die completely by allowing remaining players transfer free of charge away from the small realm. They have never done it on Retail and they will never do it on Classic either. It’s all about the money, mate. Remember that Retail also is full of low pop dead realms in which most don’t wanna play in, but only way to get out of there is to pay the transfer to a bigger realm yourself.

They have opened free transfers from Firemaw as it is too overcrowded with horrible queues which nobody wants to wait. One of the choices is Razorgore. I have a friend playing there and what I understood, Razorgore was shining realm during Classic. I have absolutely no idea what happened. I completely get that it must be frustrating as hell, but you just gotta pay if you wanna get out.

They have done this exact thing before, my old realm (Ten Storms) we got free transfer out of there. And yes you are right razorgore used to be huge so I transfered my chars here, sadly this realm has died now, its the second time this happens to me. I must say I understand why people just choose to go to a mega server to keep it safe.

Well that is interesting if it’s a case. But did it happen before or after Ten Storms became a ghost town?

682 active players

Literally i was the only player in Stormwind. So Blizzard please fix this finally. All of the realms are terrible regarding to faction-balance, more and more dead servers. I do not think its to hard to keep this game alive. We put enough money to your pocket already so where is my free transfer?

Thanks for the discount Blizzard. Appreciate it

What discount? o.O

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dead server is dead. do something blizzard :point_right:

Quite sad to see there is only like 4-5 active servers remaining in TBC, thought people enjoyed this?

I left after about a month of launch but I only wanted to play for that initial nostalgia. Logged into my SoM & TBC server to find both dead :smiley:

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