When is frost dk actually going to get to play the game?

So, it has been over 12 years since runic empowerment turned playing a frost death knight into letting the game play itself.

In light of this, do the developers not think it is about time to actually remove this and actually let death knights play the game themselves again, with a consistent core and a fun and impactful core ability set once again.

Right now, every single time the frost dk moves they have to throw about 5 dice to decide what will happen, This makes no sense from a gameplay perspective, why even give us abilities to press if they are just randomly decided anyway and it does not even make sense from a lore perspective, scourge tactics are meant to be consistent and overwhelming, not random and non-sensical.

Imagine a warrior with doubled cooldowns, halved damage and only a 50% chance to generate rage rather than 100%, they would be screaming from the rooftops over how bad it would be yet here on the dk forum there has been an almost deathly silence about the only bad mechanic on the class for some reason and I would like to know why, it has been 12 years and these 12 years should have been filled with daily threads complaining about how unreasonably badly designed the spec has been because of literally this one thing.

Failing that, imagine an arcane mage but with a 50% chance, only on crit, to generate an arcane charge and a 50% chance to benefit from it, it would be rediculous.

When is the RNG design on frost going to stop, the spec already had enough RNG with killing machine and Rime. and why is the spec now a giant stack mechanic spec on top of this which makes even less sense because a spec operating on numerous stacking effects would require consistency to maintain them effectively.

Just fix it all already. I didn’t even buy dragonflight because I took one look at frost dk and knew it was still broken because enough is enough with this design.

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no ghostcrawler’s legacy will live on … get back in your cage frostie

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