When phase 2 be dropping?

Sadly? hope you’re right, I may be able to get some content finished :stuck_out_tongue:

What ? I have very oposit issue , i kinda dont have content to play

Mate do u even hear urself…this is a GAME, games are made for ppl who have spare time for them in general, games are made for ppl with time for them u cant expect game developers to design around ppl who dont have time for a product or make it as slow as possible for ppl who play 1 hour on weekends do u even think when u talk lol. I am saying this when i also have no more than 3-4 hours every other day or so,but this after all is a hobby made for ppl with time.

I wasn’t saying that I didn’t have time to play, I was refering to being locked out of the server of friends and guild. Read please before making a reply

Prob end of January or early Feb

I dont believe this phase will be longer than 4 weeks, or more like i hope it will not be haha, level 40 is better yo play around more than this one, 40 classes have mounts and also more abilities and it will be better in terms of balance.

at that point game will have no one playin. No where near enough content for essentially 2 month, 6 weeks max

It should cater to the average player who has been 25 for a while now.

You think the average one is 25 in a week? Done the Raiding, leveled proffessions? Ok, you believe that.

I hope so also around new year :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that it’s around end of February - March time. If they release the content to quickly “Season of Discovery” with be “Season of Google my next rune” in order to keep up with content. Someone told me how to get one of my Warlock runes the other day and I have to say, I would not have thought to do this in a million years!!! Some people enjoy working these things out for themselves and they must be given the time to do so, as I’m hoping this was the intent for SoD. Playing SoD like retail raid logging for gear isn’t their aim, so I’m hoping they are integral to their initial design concept.
Naturally everyone wants SoD to be designed for them and meet all of their needs but a lot of people will be disappointed at some stage but, making a product that just mimics the other WoW modes wouldn’t make sense. If all the game modes played similarly it would only attract the same customer base. It’s clear that they want to diversify their product in as many ways as possible in order to support their business and keep more people subscribing. If people get bored during SoD because of the release times being to slow, chances are they’ll play the quicker paced modes. Making a mode designed like their other modes will be competing with themselves. I’m sure theirs a WoW mode for everyone about now and if this isn’t for you then you should feel happy that this mode is for someone else and it’s making them happy and Blizzard are able to keep the subscriptions increasing in order to further support the WoW product. :slight_smile:

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Yeah tbh, it’s not a big deal

And it’s been 10 days. The average player can definitely get to lvl 25 in 10 days.