When phase 2 be dropping?

Because I only log on the weekends and I’m not 25 yet.


We can wait for you np


Just don’t tell him to level up a rogue… you know why. :wink:

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Bro go retail literally, you can’t even reach lvl25 because game is so hard

For sure, “hunter”.

I love your enthusiasm :heart:


Takes a while bro, its been out for just 1 week!!

next year at some point…

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estimate is in 2 months. but nothing official on that

I spoke to Chris Metzen and we agreed we’ll wait for you to hit lvl 25 before we launch phase 2


What a hero.

Sadly in 2months it will be dead imho

And then back alive! More submoney over time.

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They said minimum 1 month, but it indicated probably not too long after that. So probably some time in January. Whether it’s early januar, mid or late is uncertain.

February probably?

Maybe they should give people the chance to play first hand before rolling out p2 :wink:


play what? A month is more than enough to reach max level, do every dungeon and do the raid, even for those meme dads who can only game 1 hour a day.

There really isn’t that much to do.

Yep, but some of us are still locked out of the server our friends/guild is on, so we haven’t gotten the chance to experience it yet, not about to put time into a character that I’ll ditch later on

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If you haven’t been able to play for 1 week idk what to tell you, the game shouldn’t wait forever for a few

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Nor should it cater to those with an infinite amount of time to spend on the game.