When rogues get nerfed finally?

Tonnes of stuns, tonnes of cc, smoke bomb to steal bases and oneshot people. Everyone just play rogues for easy wins. In team fights rogue swaps into assassin and does biggest dps among all classes…no weak spots, best tool kit, huge burst and huge aoe damage when swapped to assa.


In my opinion, they should prioritize nerfing DHs before any other class.


The day they fix randomly breaking stealth.

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they should remove the whole class, doesn’t matter what they do to them, the kit they have isn’t something you can balance, a whole spec about control that just makes everybody hate playing the game. They have been OP for 20 years and always will be.

it would make more sense to apply a debuff when they vanish

  • example
    Vanish - the next 3 attacks deal 50% less damage

thats the only way i could see them being balanced, by making vanish a kiss curse type of ability



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