When should we use legendery As Unholy?!

Im just Confused about it , it feels really bad to use it in our Burst window and holding it for like 30sec or so also feels really bad , the problem is it doesnt get benefit from haste so it always stuns you for 3second so what do you guys think is The good timing for it?!
We can just go into pack spread it use it then burst?!
or just use our cooldowns and then after 30sec or so use it?!
or just use it mid cooldown?!

I’d say just use it when you don’t have anything else going on:) think it was okey-ish to use it with apocalypse and dark transform, drop your runes into d&d cleave spam then channel

I make the best use out of it in these 2 cases:

Single target, outside of all CDs, safe of any mechanics that require movement.

Small pulls, sort 2 to 6 mobs, having ofc cleaved with D&D at least once. For large mad tank pulls, our normal quadratic scaling is generally a lot better.

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