When will Sub rogue nerfed?

This abomination of class has infinite reset potential with so much damage and so many defensives.

Not logical to focus the rogue as kill target due to sheer numbers of vanish charges and very low cd.

If you happen to reduce to 1v1, you will never win against him because he will reset indefinitely. Once he is ready to go again he will make sure you will have no cd while he has full hp and has every cd.

How’s this fair? The only way rogue has to heal himself should be bandage not any spell. Also I have never seen this shadow sights in arena is useful in finding the rogue. The mechanism is so cringe that you have to search the rogue but can’t find him before you are sapped.

Why don’t you make them choose their defensives instead of giving baseline? Make them either take evasion or cloak not both. And put a logical cd to prevent infinite cheap shots.

I can make the list go and on and on what a cringe class man!

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