When will we get a server-merge / transfer?

Hello there, I was wondering the total population of ten storms server recently due we were having trouble finding people for raiding experiences recently and found population information on wowhead.

according to this : at October’19 the overall population of the server is below 3k and total horde player is less than 1k. And as far as i can see many people getting bored by this dead server troubles and leaving the game or reroll servers.

I was wondering if you guys planning to make a server merge for Ten Storms ? if not i am affraid by the jan’20 there will be only 100 to 500 ppl left.

its really frustrating and even then we got “Server transfer from 10storms for spanish speaking server” which made the population hurt a lot.

any suggestion other than rerolling from this?

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The numbers are not right.

Cencus has been blocked for a while is therefore no longer acurate. There are some other tools but they only count players actively using the addon so does not provide a realistic number either.

Now without actual numbers we have to go with our own experiences and compare what we see happening on the forums. Based on that, I would think Ten Storms actualy is one of the more healthy servers.

Capital cities always crowded during prime time on Horde side. And the few visits to Storm Wind and Iron Forge I did, we got repelled pretty hard by Aliance crowd, so seems to be OK there aswell.

Auction House nicely filled with pretty normal prices, so economy seems in good health.

Lots of raiding guilds, even MC and Ony PuG raids (some times multiple on the same time) at least on Horde side.

Both sides get ganked in PvP, even though horde has the bigger numbers, the imbalance is not as bad as on many servers. And the zones are pretty much playable, unlike on the mega population servers.

Maybe I am wrong, but this is based on my personal experience playing horde.

Also keep in mind, Vanilla server were somewere near 3000 players max if I’m not mistaken. So 3k would mean full server back then, so far from empty.

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The server is fine, I’ve heard multiple people on this forum call TS a dead server and I just don’t get it. I would have to conclude you’re playing at like 3am or something.

As said above, the numbers online are all wrong.

No TS is not a megaserver, it is a normal healthy pop server.

At least whenver I am online is perfectly busy.


try it at mornings mate…

its just you and saurfang standing on the hills of ogrimmar and looking to the door if anyone could come…


Yes, I know it can be quiet at off peak hours eg weekday daytime or late at night.
if you frequently play at those times then yeah i would say its not the right server for you :frowning:

Even at Golemagg during release week (6 hour+ queues), in the morning I could log in without a queue and nice quiet zones.

Its an Empty server. The day paid character transfers will be open its the day the server will be a ghost server.

Well I guess we will see who is right then

Seems we have survived the server’s apocalypse!

I think its too early. I would wait for a few more weeks after the holidays.

Still alive…

Nearly all of my guild is only raid logging and there is no one in cities or Trade chat.
Can you define alive?

7000-8000 items on auction house at a time :frowning:

Goodbye Tenstorms I am moving to Earthshaker.

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Are we ever going to get a free transfer? I don’t really want to pay to move all my characters/start again on a new server so I’ll probably end up not playing anymore

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