Where can I submit an extensive report of boosting and escrow services in full swing?

As the title states, some are back at it in full swing, and I’d like to create a proper report with proof and see some action taken. Where can I do it?

Ticket system allows imagines afaik.

An email to hacks@blizzard.com would be your best bet.

But you won’t “see” some action taken. They will not disclose to you what action got taken, if any. Nor will you be allowed to watch the action being taken.

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Hello Vorda,

As Trovlak has mentioned, emailing these reports to our Hacks Team directly is the best option. This also allows you to provide additional evidence in the form of screenshots and video. While there is the possibility to make a ticket, the type of investigation that would be required would not be something that our Support Team would be able process.