Where can we report bugs in the EU forum?


Seems we here in the EU forum have no dedicated section for reporting bugs, whereas our US counterparts are able to report bugs on their forum, see: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/wow-classic/support-and-bug-report

I want to report bugs here :angry:


So far, I did ingame tickets in the bug section.


I’ve done the same, but I feel that reporting bugs on the forums is a lot more responsive from both blizzard (when they do reply) and other players.

Example: you literally replied within 30s of this post but from the ingame bug report I’ve heard nothing and that makes me sad

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We report bugs in game. They go direct to the relevant people who can deal with any issues.

You will not get a response to bug reports.

It may be worth checking out


Reports in game go directly to the development team to investigate and resolve, in game reports are also better categorized thanks to the drop down options.

Posts on the forum get seen by more people, but are likely less effective because they still have to be seen and digested by the community managers before being passed on to the developers.


Makes sense, what doesn’t make sense is why US forums have a bug reporting section though :thinking:

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They retained theirs but they never seem to have much interaction from anyone other than other players.

I know filing bug reports can feel like throwing a rock down a bottomless pit but at least we know the information goes to the right people :slight_smile:

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