Where is Athene these days?

Yeah where, what is he doing? Last youtube upload was 2 years ago.

You’d probably get more information off of a google search than here.

I was right, you do!

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I miss Grim, Zalgradis, Pat and Perklunt…

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He’s the leader of a cult now :slight_smile:


Went crazy and started a cult/religion


Wait what. So he wasn’t ever joking, he genuinely was nuts…

as a religion you don`t have to pay people that work for you. You can legally use them as slaves and his fanbois will be those slaves… so yeh its kind of smart also.

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running his little cult and surrounding himself with yes-men, pretending hes some scientist einstein wannabe

you know typical stuff for a narcissist with delusions of grandeur


He’s got his legion to gold farm for him now.

watched some videos of him a couple of months back because i wondered myself what became of him and i was legitimately creeped out. wouldnt be surprised if we heard about an athene mass suicide in a couple of years. :woman_shrugging:


All his original vids were deleted :frowning: :frowning:
Mass weep for our lost cult leader, his boyfriend Furious & his b**** Tania! Lord of Warcraft! BibleThump OMEGACRY
Former Best Paladin in the World!

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Hahahah, Athene. He used to make great videos then he started to do everything for money and lost his magic.

Nowadays as far as I know he is trying to recruit people into his cult by paying a few b*****es for more appeal :smirk:

Gee I want a cult too!
Harem Cult!

i really do wonder how he finances his cult though. :thinking:

“Charity” donations

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I think he made alot of money via youtube and scammed people to invest for a hopeless project.

He had hundreds of clickbait videos on youtube and I remember youtube suspended his channel once for such behaviour, he still got the money though :sweat_smile:

He also had twitch subscribers and donations etc.

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He had people in his ‘compound’ make a clash of clans knockoff app with streamers. It’s pretty embarrassing but I think they’re still trying to make it a thing.

His narcissistic and megalomaniac side which he exaggerated in the early videos got the better of him and he went completely off the rails.

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This might be unpopular opinion - but he is smart.
He was manipulative, greedy, rude but he knew how to be famous!!
He just wanted to be celebrity but I think that not cup for everyone.


Oh my, it feels like I missed out on something in the history of WoW gaming :open_mouth:

I need to watch the rest of those videos later :+1:

Last I checked it was still in Greece.

Jokes aside, the mans actual scum.