Where is Brawl: COMP STOMP

I’ve waited months for this and it’s not in the Quick Match browser.

Yesterday it said Brawl: Battleground Blitz ends in X hours (on time to be replaced for reset).

Today, after reset, Brawl: Battleground Blitz is still listed and is scheduled to be removed in 6 days.



I remember something similar happening in Shadowlands - it’s due to the Anniversary BG plus the perma-brawl meaning there’s no spot in the UI for the regular brawl, so it just breaks. -_-

It’s insane, I’ve waited months for this brawl and even geared a character in PVP specifically to play this brawl.

Blizz do not care about the EU player base, as US/TW/KR regions do not have this overlap with brawls on anniversary occasions. If this happened already they should have fixed it then.

I will be unsubscribing now.

Good luck if you choose to remain.

Blitz is being introduced as brawl for testing purposes. Its gonna be the new queue for rated pvp . So blizz give us time to enjoy it , learn it while they collect data to a improve it.

Read the blue posts occasionally, it wont hurt
No need to be that mad lol .



Curiously, what do you like about Bot Stomp?
I usually avoid it.


I can’t speak for Hammer, but for me personally?

I really don’t enjoy PvP (I have no beef with people who do, it’s just not my jam), and Comp Stomp is an excellent time to get Marks of Honor for transmog (and working towards that Honor Level 400 pet).

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Same as Aegrid, I would like to find out where Comp Stomp is. Testing stuff is all fine, but like… the Calendar says that it should be Comp Stomp today

Okay. I had a look over on the US Side and the theory is that because Battlefield Blizz is the perma testing mode in prep for the new PVP, and Korrok’s Revenge is perma for the Anniversary Event, there is no room in the UI for a third Brawl


I believe you are correct.

This has happened before, i am surprised they didnt see it coming - Pitiful.

Oh well, i looked forward to it, i love collecting Mark of Honor through Comp Stomp.

That’s exactly it. We have the same thing happening in SL when they were testing the solo queue arena stuff.

Blizzard produced a news post about the Brawl changing to Comp Stomp.
The Calendar also marks the change.
If you really want a [r]BG fix queue for random or join an actual RBG team. Brawls are meant to change often.


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vs AI

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Comp stomp is a disgrace, they should put it in the dungeon journal and add PvE rewards to it.

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Sure, no probs. But can we like, get it when it’s up.

Would you still enjoy/play if the AI was a little better? It’s way too easy.

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