Where is khadgar

I haven’t seen him for a long time but I think he is one of the main npc’s of wow =)

So I am just wondering, where is khadgar ?

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He returned back in Kazaran tower, for renewing the tower and to search for solution to remove the sword from Silithius.
Will return soon i hope so.

They “can’t” introduce him during a “faction war” expansion, he’s part of the Kirin Tor and those guys are neutral… So far they’ve only mobilized against large exterior threats.

The rest of us are doomed to keep this moronic faction war going for now…
Until the inevitable “put down arms and cooperate against greater evil”, until that evil is destroyed, then we find some idiotic reason to restart the war.

As much as I grew tired of his “dad-jokes” in Legion… I kinda miss them (and him) now :sweat_smile:

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Love a bit of dadghar. He doesn’t fit the story in BFA though. Next expansion I’d expect a return.

I just want to see Karazan tower rebuild and Deadwind pass nourish again.

I doubt Blizz would bother…

They seem deadset on not doing anything with the older zones…

Tell me where is Khadgar, for I much desire to speak with him.


How much more blizz will still destroy the lands,they rebuild 0 .

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khadgar… isnt the statue at stormwind entrance?

The funny part was when Khadgar left… during the last quest in Silithus he was like “are you guys serious, after the war against the legion you are at each others throats again? I’m out… find me in Karazhan if you ever stop acting like stupid kids fighting over a toy”.

I felt that so much and the only thing I wanted to do back then was join him and just sit this addon out in Kara while enjoying Tea and Dadjokes until we would be needed against some proper evil.

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I highly expect when Wrathion finally shows up to quest give to the dragon isles we will see Khadgar then.

Certain key lore characters are unifers (that even a word?) to give the playerbase a common focus for ‘end-of-the-world’ stuff… Khadgar is one of them.

Thrall was another, in Cataclysm latterly, & I wouldn’t bet against his return to a major Lore arc in the next Expansion or two. Sylvanas has been a bit too quiet, for a Patch or two… she’s bound to be up to something which may force a cameo from Thrall.

8.2 has been a bit of a damp squib, in the wake of Eternal Palace - I can only hope that 8.2.5 brings us a morsel or two to chew on in the lead up to Blizzcon…

EDIT - I don’t have to actively Raid to know what’s going on in the game… no-one has to, to be fair.

Well, he was renamed to dadghar for a reason. Unless he’ll make an appearance with a big beard and drunk we won’t see him for the next 20 years.

Well with an Old God on the loose, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing dadghar soon.

I like to think Khadgar earned some time off, after being a major character during both Warlords of Draenor and Legion.

I can imagine him back in Karazhan, in the Library catching up on some old books that Medivh left out for him but he never got around to reading, or enjoying a show in the Opera Hall.
Moroes asking if he’s hungry and maybe bringing him a snack every now and then :smiley:

World of Warcraft has a massive cast of characters though, and that does mean people will drift in and out of the spotlight from time to time, even someone like Khadgar.


Tell me where is Khadgar? For I much desire to speak with him.

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