Where is my bee mount?

(Neolina) #1

Title speaks for itself


On alliance?

(Darklight) #3

Please no.

(Ãve) #4

blizzard cant give us bee mount cause as soon as they do the forum will be full with ‘‘OMAGAWD HURDE FAVOURITISM!!!1’’

(Yinghei) #5

Undiscovered secret still??

Makes you wonder what else is out there in game…still undiscovered.

(Aldru) #6

Don’t you mean MY bee mount


Yes, iirc we still have to find someone able to talk to bees


It was planned for 8.2 as said in a recent Q and A so its going to happen just a case of when.

(Darklight) #9

So long as it doesn’t buzz, otherwise I’m going to have to turn sound off before going into main hubs.


Its like the one from honey farm in stormsong valley and as fat as i remember doesnt make a sound.


you dont get a bee mount, its for alliance :))

(Ãve) #12

tbh at this point it whoulden’t surprise me if its a store mount or another 6 month sub mount.


Because people can’t play both factions right ? That has to be in the top 3 of the most stupid things you said.


and as horde you gotta pay 4.99$ euros extra to get it. mmm yes daddy blizzard, milk me harder


Hasn’t been anything said since April.


It was a horse disguised as a bee in the end, so, you already have it. You just don’t know it.

(Lepanto) #17

What a great weekend thread!!

(Madorin) #18

That’s genius actually! You make it so only Alliance can find it but only if they have warmode on. They will never be able to find it!!

(Vintoleth) #19

fun… …


Ah yes, the Bee. Believes in genocide, literally falls apart mating, kills itself when it stings, one of the most anti-social insects ever… yeah, sounds pathetic enough to be affiliated with the Alliance.
Enjoy your Bee.