Where is my char avatar? :(

(Haiete) #1

Greetings, friends in the CS forum!

I have a question. My avatar is gone, as you can very clearly see. I’ve logged on and off for numerous times, and it’s been going on for a few days, I think four or five? I’ve already tried to reset my password, but that did not help.

Anyone knows when my character will update?



This also happened to half of my characters at the same time, whether I’ve logged onto them or not.

(Saneko) #2

The armory’s notoriously slow. For some people, it doesn’t seem to update at all. Unfortunately this isn’t something CS can help with.

(Haiete) #3

I forgot to add: half of my characters suddenly lost their character portrait, regardless of whether I’ve logged onto them for the past few months. Are you sure this is about updating?

This ultimately results in me making a ticket. If CS can’t help me with this, then do you know who can?


Hey Haiete,

Unfortunately it does take time for the armory and forum to update at times, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

(Haiete) #5

Alright, fair enough. If two people tell that it’s an armory issue, I won’t press it any further. Thanks for the answers.

(Belegast) #6

I’ve got the same problem on this toon his even not displaying in the armoury which sux as his mog is to nice not to show off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

(Haiete) #7

Weird, and my character is not displaying on the armory as well. Odd that my char displays fine on the old forum though.


I name changed several weeks ago, and it’s still not updated my character with either name or transmog, or level when using the forums.

This char I’m posting on is supposed to be lvl 120 and named Aerylise with a completely different transmog and, ofc, progress

(Haiete) #9

From my experience, when you change the name or realm of a character, it creates a new forum account (all characters have their own, seperate account) and your previous character version will become inaccessible as an account.

Can you check your character list on the forums to see if you can access Aerylise perhaps? Because that one does exist in the Armory.