Where should the new Bleeding Hollow Clan setup

Seeing as Jorin Deadeye wanted to reestablish the Bleeding Hollow Clan in the Orc heritage quest I wanted to see where in Azeroth you guys think they could establish themselves.

First of all I’m supposing they have a decent enough size to establish a stronghold/town if you add up the bleeding hollow orcs from Outland with any potential members that could have been captured and placed in the internment camps (I’m aware a lot of them managed to evade the alliance). Secondly I’m supposing they would prefer to setup in a tropical/jungle area similar to Taanan.

Taking this account I think the best place would be Feralas. Turning Camp Mojache into a new Zeth’gol (maybe called Kill’gor or something). Stranglethorn Vale would also be a good shout since they already fought there in the 2nd war (although I think the horde base in stv should be a Darkspear village, but thats another discussion).

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Their old home was a jungle.

Un,goro crater

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Based, I think in-Lore Un’Goro is more a jungle than it is depicted ingame too.

Not sure why no one figured Nazmir .
It would be the perfect place for them to practice blood magic along with the blood trolls , and learn a few tricks of the trade from G’hun the blood god .

Also a good launching point for an invasion of Zuldazar.

No. Stop it. Get some help.

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You’re right; the Bleeding Hollow and blood trolls can invade Zuldazar, but they’ll take casualties along the way. If the vulpera join them, then the eyesore that is the Zandalari will finally be made extinct.

What should happen is that all Horde leaders who got killed for no reason get revived while the alliance lose half their cast as payback for all the BS Blizzard turned on us the past 15 years.

And all the Alliance cities are rebuild, while half of the Horde cities are destroyed as payback? Easiest deal ever.

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The only Capital you lost was Darnassus. Theramore was not a major settlement.

So we’ll take the “big, but not major” settlements, sure. Though my priority would be on the restoration part anyways…

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Nobody would miss Orgrimmar or Thunderbluff.

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And I certainly wouldn’t miss anyone of the Alliance cast. :man_shrugging:

…or the Horde cast, for that matter…

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Would you not? Some of the most important people are alliance aligned.

Indeed I wouldn’t. Anduin is a pest that twists the world towards 2020s morality, utterly ruining it. Jaina is a mess that can’t keep her character straight 2 appearances in a row. Magni and Khadgar (who aren’t Alliance, but whatever) are totally replacable by any quest giver, as far as I’m concerned, nothing about them is unique or interesting - there certainly is no personal connection between the PC and them. The Turalyon and Alleria of today have the depths of a saucer. Sure, you could dig deeper on both of them, but you might as well create a new character, I see nothing to miss here. Genn is a bad doggo who barks all the time without providing anything.

Really, who am I supposed to miss? The ones that are closest to being dear to me are the background guys like Gelbin or Muradin, who never got the screentime to be ruined or to be important anyways. So even while I might like them (or mostly what I project onto them), I’d take a replacement without regret or loss.

And more generally… I really don’t see why we should care about the leaders of nations in that way. If the game wants me to care about a character I’d like them to be personally important to my character, not to world politics. I like my friends better than my national representatives.

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I don’t care about the currently Horde leaders either. Everyone who was cool is either dead or exiled and what is left agreed to the peace treaty. The Horde died when Bfa was over.

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pft what would a simp know about cool leaders everyone you ever backed was a traitor to the horde :stuck_out_tongue:

if i had my way all the loyalists would be impailed on the gates of orgrimmar it’s time to put all those spikes to use dealing with filthy undead/traitor worshipers like Erevien

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Being cool means you fight the alliance til your last breath and not make peace ever.

really how well has that worked out for anyone … not very well they are A: dead or B: soon to be dead of course you being a undead worshiping simp i can see why you want to lead us all to our deaths in the name of your undead waifu men really are such simple creatures

but the reality is Erevien the Simp the Horde is stronger now then ever without this weak men and women leading it astray Garrosh Hellscream is more useful as 35 Anima then he ever was in life

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