Where's Ere'latha?

i was on Zereth mortis seeking a chest until i respoken to Elder Eru where we were doing the quest about the domination language.

She does mention :

“Clear as a star-set on the Plains of Ere’latha”

As far as i know i never heard of this place
This Elder broker (cartel Al due being an enlightenened) know where that place is.
but NPC servant in Oribos say they don’t know where the broker come from, and that they just come like that.

so is Ere’latha a place inside the shadowland or the broker are able to move outside of the shadowland like we saw in Oribos they have azerothian creature etc ?

The lore feel imcomplete on shadowland, soo many missing part need to be explained…

I don’t know where that place is, but the Brokers are definitely able to move outside of the Shadowlands. They’ve been collecting stuff from various mortal realms, Azeroth included, and So’leah went to Tiragarde and stole some treasure from that infinite dragon pirate captain.

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