Where's me crown? A Thief's Reward quest not showing up

I’ve turned in all four stolen flames, they register as completed by IsQuestFlaggedCompleted, but I cannot find follow-up quest A Thief’s Reward, where I should get that fancy crown.

What went wrong and is it gonna get fixed?


I would like to know too…

Knowing blizzard…

Also not showing for me, and many other people, both Horde and Alliance.

Is this the first year of the midsummer festival, I really have no idea, if not, did you do the quest last year? Remember the winter veil presents?

It’s the same quest number.

Just figured out I had the crown in my inventory from probably previous year. Maybe it’s that for others too?

I suggested that it’s like the Winter veil present quests from last year in the customer support version of this thread and in this one, and it’s not repeatable this year.

They could have deleted the item or it’s in their bank. They can try the script to see if they have done the quest.

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(9339))

“True” means you have done it.

Can confirm now… the quest exists. First I had the crown in my bank therfore did never show up. Now done it on another char - all flames - crown quest shown up. Does not seem like a bug, check your banks :smiley:

It is a bug… I did not do it last year and never got the follow up quest on my main character. It works now, but the ones that did it too early seems to be stuck… see post on us forum https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/tbc-midsummer-festival-a-thiefs-reward/1046453

Ok well just wanted to tell my experience with it :slight_smile: hope if it’s buggy for those who have never completed it before, that it’s being fixed with restarts or atleast before event ending!

Actually it’s because you have already done the quest.

/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(9339)) Returns false for me :\

The pre-quests do return as completed.

They couldn’t even get this right

Completed all four on my new shaman and existing priest and none of them can get a crown, but my existing druid could, even though she already has it, so now has two

They left it broken for over a week and now people are permanently locked out of getting it


I created a ticket and they just auto-resolved it, in the “cba to solve tickets” way; telling me to reopen it, if issue persists.

you need to visit each and every beacon before you can get your thieves reward.
that means all alliance AND horde fires in both outland and azeroth.
got my crown last night after completing the full run. working as intended.

Can’t you steal the fires again?

and if you do not reach level 50 will the stolen fires sit in your bag until next year?

The problem is if you stole all the fires before they hotfixed the quest in. In that situation, you’ve both completed the quest and haven’t got the reward. We’ve had multiple forum posts about this for over a week but no resolution.


oh, i see… disregard my previous post then.

In the morning I got similar reponse to the ticket (marked answered), that devs are investigating.

Now after a raid in the evening and porting everybody to the Shattrath, I saw an “!” on the Loremaster and was able to get my reward.