Wheres the Accountability Blizz


First off blizz, you knew exactly what you was doing with a small server list you was even told the list is to small and now we dealing with ridonkulos queues but lets not start there.
Ill start from from beta period, you made sure beta wasnt for everyone. you guys even handpicked streamers and youtube personality’s. Sure thats good for business but the majority of us wanted to try it out ourselves.
Some people i know got it, others even paid subscriptions in hope to get in the beta. Even during vanilla you made an open beta so we can test it out.
Theres a huge private wow community who run their own private realms and you know this blizz. you know when classic comes out they will join aswell, also you know theres a huge amount of players who only bought wow and none of the expansions.

You guys know not everyone will have 6 expansions + Subscription but you know you would make more money off people who would buy all the expansions. which is exactly why you guys gave out a small server list intentionally because you dont wanna push wow classic over bfa as bfa makes more if you add all the expansions.

Now we are all being drowned in queue times and we think this well even it self out later. if we crying about queue times, watch when the weekend comes.
Why am i saying this, well dont anyone here find it weird you cant queue up on classic and play retail. even tho i paid for retail correct?

Also ive been hearing from a few people classic is free. it is not free especially if you BOUGHT Wow + Subscription, the illusion its free is blizz way of saying we aint gonna take it as serious as retail. which is exactly why they gave out a small server lists not because they underestimated the success.


I stopped reading at “you was”. PepeLaugh NA Clap



They are most likely refusing to fix this on purpose so more players will go back to battle for crapalot and spend more money on in game purchases… Not a single one of their current excuses has an ounce of logic to it…


its So true, thats the sad part


The planning was excellent. Only 2 pvp servers. 15 years of experience worth nothing

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