Which 2 pets for bm hunter pvp?

What do you guys recommend? 2 undead devilsaur pets from BfA or?

Raptor always because of the mortal wounds effect and master’s call. Reban (or any other undead raptor) vs hunters, druids, rogues, mages and shamans for immunity to scare beast, hibernate, sap, poly and hex. Normal raptor vs priests and paladins because they can use shackle undead, turn evil and wake of ashes stun for undead creatures. Instead of a normal raptor you can use one of the hyenas if you prefer their appearance. Only the first pet matters, for the second you can choose whatever.

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get an undead bird with slow for when u play arena with a warrior

You should always have a pet that has Masters Call (so has to be Cunning), and also has a Mortal Wound effect. These two abilities can only be found on Raptors, Hyenas, and Rodents.

Second pet is immaterial really, it only responds to KC and auto attacks so can be anything… use a big flappy boi like Banthalos or something that can be quite distracting to your opponent, but it really doesn’t matter.

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