Which allied races will be important and which ones won't

Allied Races are something kinda interesting, but so far it feels like they are somewhat under-utilized, though I can imagine some may become more important soon? Which ones do you think will end up the most important and which ones will be left behind in the story?

In my opinion
Void Elf
Possibly Zandalari?

The rest I can’t see being all too important.

Lightforged Draenei weren’t relevant since Legion/that one Warlock quest for unlocks.

Void Elf and Nightborne will play a massive part in this saga for sure. It would be cool to see Zandalari and Highmountain Tauren come together for a Shaman storyline. It felt like a huge missed opportunity not doing anything with the races with a heavy Shaman culture, especially an expansion with such a huge emphasis on the elements and primal forces. Maybe also the Dark Irons, but I can see them being left behind for the new Earthern or whatever they are called.

It would be easier to say who won’t be important: Vulpera.

Alas. They have no prior lore so… cute and lovely but unlikely to ever get anything new. Bit like Pandaren actually.


As TWW will be somewhat Dwarf-themed, I can only hope DI Dwarves will get some attention.

Dagran isn’t Ironforge potato-kid anymore – he’s at least teenager by now (sort of like Anduin was back in MoP). Moreso, according to books, he befriended Arator, which sort of connects him to Alleria and Turalyon.

It’s about time.


It will be more human themed than dwarf themed. Since they decided to establish another identity on the stone dwarves separate from the dwarves just so they can make them a new allied race, hell knows who wanted those and Magni isn’t a dwarf any more. But we do get an area that is specifically about humans from the Arathor kingdom.

Not anything Horde related. Once again we follow a hero of the alliance around.

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