Which class is best in solo shuffle? [Win rate by class]

I just discovered that there’s a “solo shuffle ladder” on the drustvar website. I was curious about the stats of the different classes/specs and decided to find the avg % win ratio of the 10 highest players of each class. Here are the results:


  • Warrior - 77,8
  • Warlock - 75,2
  • Ret - 74,1
  • Rogue - 71,8
  • Hunter - 71,4
  • DH - 70,8
  • Mage - 70,6
  • DK - 70,4
  • Shaman - 70,4
  • Druid - 70
  • Shadow - 67,5
  • Ww - 64,7


  • Hpriest - 73,2
  • Disc - 71,3
  • Rsham - 68,6
  • Hpala - 67,9
  • Rdruid - 62,7
  • Mw - 61,2

Only characters that have 200+ wins are counted, so these numbers may be entirely different from the actual win ratios. The sample sizes are also very small (especially mw, only 5), so hard to draw many conclusions. That being said Im very surprised about the stats for ww, dh and dk - I expected them to be significantly higher.

Which class/spec do you expect to see dominate the ladder in Dragonflight? :dragon_face:

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A geared fury is pretty disruptive in the seek and destroy the lowest health player game there I imagine. WW player numbers are significally lower than fury players so I imagine that being factor

DF time will only tell but one thing will be different and its the ilvl difference, everyone on same level finally

dps wise, im not surprised. the skill level in solo shuffle seems quite average and with a lot of gear difference. fury/ret can just blast through uncoordinated/overextended players, same goes for rogue/hunter. surprised with warlock, id gladly like to know which spec it is. with the melee dominance i’d be surprised it’s affli but who knows.

healer wise, holy priest being really basic and low effort high results and given its popularity, its not surprising either. disc is fun in solo shuffle and potent, and the class can deal with ppl making blatant mistakes.

i checked my stats out of curiosity, they’re quite skewed cause it was my main honor source when i came back on retail late s3. i’ve got a 56% w/l ratio as disc. i suck xD

Seems most of them play demo.

True, I just expected dh and dk to be able to win games instantly with overwhelming frontload aoe dmg + cc immunity. And ww can so easily burst down the weak link. But I guess the fact your teammates can break incap etc is a big drawback in solo shuffle :smiley:

Idd. Not very surprising here. Mw is the most passive healer and cant really carry dps. Rdruid, while a very good spec, is also too passive and defense oriented to carry in shuffle it seems. The healer distribution will be drastically different I think once we get a rating system and you can rely more on competent teammates. Will probably change a lot for dps too, but maybe not to the same extent.

Don’t forget HotW feral affinity convoke rdruids. Which a teenzy tiny fraction of a percentage of rdruids play. But it’s certainly capable of carrying in solo shuffle, in a weird way.

from my personal experience:

  1. fury warrior (geared) they just press w till someone dies. with 20k+ hits people tend to die withing 10 seconds when they pop banner
  2. MM hunter - usually just one taps someone in the opener
  3. rogues
  4. ferals (with 4 set) they just prrss berserk and someone dies lol
  5. dks - abomb limp alone just put so much prrssure on the healer that they 90% win in the opener

warlocks i see are always super geared and tend to win, but if they are not and maybe not great wl players they also just flop.
mages in solo shuffle seem to be always very new to the class and dont know their buttons.
not sure why shadow is so low on the list, when i played my shadow i usually win 5 rounds. you have enough cc to disrupt the healer and mindgames kills a lot.

as enhance i survive quite long but often dont have enough dmg to carry with no ms and only hex

priest and pala heal will have the edge in these chaotic games, the have the most instant daves when you are chasing your team mates around.

mw just feels awful.
rdruid can be very good but difficult to play
resto shaman is feels more like gas pedal and hope something dies before your cds are done.

i play blood dk so i can roll over fury metas.

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