Which gear in world-pvp?

Good evening,

I’ve noticed my honor gear did upgrade to the 476 item level when I entered w-pvp or did a world-pvp quest while having war-mode on (it was like this: item level: 476 (415). I thought it wasn’t supposed to do that, wasn’t it only supposed to be upgraded in battlegrounds/arena’s? Did I just mislook here or is there something else going on? I’m wondering which gear is actually the best to use in world pvp right now.



PvP gear scales up to the mentioned ilvl in all PvP situations, so BG, Arena and World PvP where you attack or get attacked.

So in this sense, PvP gear is always better than PvE gear generally for world activities that don’t have huge PvE gearing requirements.

Okay, thank you for the information!

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