Which race for rogue?


Hi all!

I’m currently thinking about making my first rogue character
I’m not really into min-maxing everything but this time I would like to choose a useful racial and maybe getting into serious end game content
I know I should play what I enjoy and that meta changes all the time yadda yadda yadda but for now I need advice in what you think is the most useful racial for rogues out there all around, possibly both PvE and PvP wise

I am leaning towards Night Elf for that sweet sweet vanish (even though it’s not really like that anymore)

I have also looked at bloodmallet and void elf seems to be in a really good place for rogues as far as damage goes… I know they are probably one of the best race for casters but what do you think as rogue?

Thank you all for your time!
Hope you have a great day

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Useful racials for content for PVE there is orc/maghar orc, di dwarf, troll, belf and void elf, realistically they have racials and passives which just give you flat damage, as for utility you have nelf, worgen, velf, dwarf, gnome, troll/zanda troll, kultiran/human and forsaken. I’d say realistiaclly consider your options of what appeals to you the most initially out of the rogue races and work it from there

oh and pandaren have incap and well fed amount is doubled IIRC and reduced fall damage if you ever want to be a wobbling ball of lard.

PVP Racials you can justify playing human,forsaken, orc, gnome(?), pandaren, nelf, belf(for purging big buffs) and Dark iron dwarf if your really greedy I’d say


Sorry I’m super late!
But thanks man really appreciate it
So I am sticking to nelf for alliance (5% movement speed increase while stealth, 1% critical/haste during day/night and shadowmeld seem quite good for me) and probably for horde Orc or dunno… I like Mag’har (Kargath Bladefist look is so cool) but as racial regular orcs are superior. I would go elf for aesthetics but their racial is not as useful as it was.
Forsaken is not my thing
Oh and I love pandaren lol! I mean their kung fu animation with backflips and batterfly kicks are really cool but they are too fat lol


I picked a female Night Elf because of the aesthetic. The sneak animations are not the best but the Frontflips while you jump looks nice and the facial tattoos.


Orc for pvp on horde side if u want tryhard.

If you are standard casual - race doesn’t matter at all (on both ally and horde). Pick what have best animation and transmog for u.

In pve they all have minor difference and in pvp if u not orc - all other have small difference too (on ally side - gnome pretty good for additional escape and night elf for extra vanish and “high skill cap” chaos bolts / coil avoids).

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