Which realm is the best for starting horde rp?

I want to start a horde character, but this time i want to start role play with it, so which realm would be the best to start on?

RP realms are also merged no?
I have all my toon on ER, but I see other RP Realms toons in hubs/world

Depends what sort of RP situation you want, I think. I believe Argent Dawn is still the most populated RP realm for both Horde and Alliance, but I have heard of RPers who moved from Argent Dawn to a less populated realm, because when there’s more of everything, there’s also more of the bad things.

Personally, I only play (sporadically) on Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha’tar, and I love it there. It may be the least populated RP realm, but there’s nice RPers there. I definitely think it is more lively on the Horde side than Alliance side; the Horde has several active RP guilds with various themes, and sometimes they cooperate to make bigger events.

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Argent Dawn has an active, big community that does faction-wide campaigns and can offer daily social activity at around 20:00. With various guilds offering events during the week.
[PCU] Horde Elf RP - Highblood Myrmidons - #16 by Zaralniel-argent-dawn in case you are interested in Horde elf roleplay. There is a guild for almost every theme.


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