Which spec suits me?

Hey guys, tried to google but couldnt find anything good enough and i cant decide between the classes. I only care about pvp (battlegrounds), and i want to play a spec with a playstyle similar to right click OD in dota:

  • (Very) high sustained damage. Bonus if it keeps ramping up in longer fights and/or ignores resistances.
  • A bit of soft utility so i can do more than only damage. Bonus if it works on both allies and enemies.
  • Limitations elsewhere to pay for those things.

It wont be an exact match but overall what does that sound like? Maybe it’s too broad… Shadow priest seems like it fits quite well.

You are already playing it.

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Yep, i just bought DF, played my enhancement shaman and realised the same. What a delight :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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