Which TWW specialization will be toxic and annoying?


From what you’ve seen so far in the previews, is there something that made you think to yourself:
“Oh God, this is going to be so toxic in arena, all the idiots are going to FOTM reroll to this”

Any specific talent you have in mind?

I am looking forward to Sanlayn Blood DK in chokepoints in rated BG, or rather bursty magic dmg of Deathbringer Blood DK in arenas. I think Lightsmith Holy Pala and something with Heal reduction would be great / or eventually pair up with Apocalypse Unholy DK

erm, i think Evoker and Shammy looks fun
IF enhancement and aug get fixed or reworked it would be great

Rider of the Apocalypse DKs.

Multiple grips.
100% movement speed buff.
Can break from movement impairments.
Can not be slowed or knockbacked.
Never ending slows. AoE slows.
AMS now dispells everything from you.
Random AMS procs.
Moving DnD giving you cleave all game.

And everything they have today.

As a caster that is trying to kill a DK or CC them I would probably just uninstall.


That’s going to be awful for Affliction.

Let’s hope it triggers UA dispell DMG and UA DMG slaps for 50%+ HP. :smiley:

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No, it’ll work like an RNG Cloak of Shadows.

Going to organize a 5 man premade DK Deathbringers and summon the riders :skull:

DH, BM, Fury are always toxic when they’re at least viable, it’s just in their design.

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imagine designing druid after being able to evade slows and then they introduce this type of poop.
I also feel like uninstalling.

Maybe demo with the diabolist, even more 3D dots on the move. I’m more interested in Soul Harvester and Hellcaller.

Death knight… Cant wait to be toxic as f*** in BGs as a blood DK. Gonna be awesome :rofl:

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if it brings even more spammable slows and micro ccs then it will be even worse and I will probably just stick to delves. I mean trying to track 1sec CCs or random stuff is annoying but also being spammed with slows or cc after cc is just not fun no matter what.
If they dont take few steps back then its honestly going to be awful

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From the alpha:

That’s gonna be downright dumb. Who even implements a talent like this. I really hope they change it.

i guess no1 saw the Ret in alpha TWW videos on youtube
they are literally overpowered to the max

cant wait to see everyone cry when they have passive healing that is refreshed, which means focusing a ret in arena doesnt matter anymore they just spend holy power attacking you

Sanlayn, on flag or standing and holding flag, or soloing AV 4 towers up boss

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dk horsemans

feral aoe bite if they dont give it a pvp mod, it´s like spreading aoe bite without a dmg reduce, and it does even more dmg, than normal bites (just again a m+ intended designe)

meanwhile evokers going like…


Honestly, alot of people are wasting money. This company should be boycotted. Its going to be awful for PvP

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I don’t know, but I do know that if they don’t reduce infinite cc, micro cc, slows, roots, etc, it won’t be long before the number of players playing pvp is similar to the current number.

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