"Whirling Dragon Punch" sometimes not usable, even though RSK & FoF are on cooldown


I don’t exactly know, how to reproduce it, but sometimes “Whirling Dragon Punch” remains unusable even though both required abilities are on cooldown. I tested it on a target dummy and noticed the bug at least once every minute (just used RSK and FoF on cooldown).

I’ve uploaded an image of it:

(since I’m not allowed to post screenshots, I’ve censored the first “t”)

Did anyone else notice this bug and does someone maybe know how to “prevent” it? Thanks!


Hello Eldaxqt,

Please report this as a possible bug using the ingame tool. Unfortunately, this forum is not the right place for it. Please be aware that you won’t get a response on the report, but it will be read.

Kind regards

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