Who cares if raid wings open at Christmas?

Retail, the emergency services that aren’t hospitals, airports (lots of travel at Christmas), hospitality, factories with 24/7 production processes, farmers etc - the list goes on.

Mostly the only exception :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

People forget not everyone works in an office, and not even every office is Mon to Fri 9 to 5. I’ve even seen lawyers and accountants offering weekend appointments.

If you’re genuinely upset that you’re not able to enter a raid the week it’s released, then you have an unhealthy relationship with the game and you should probably take some time to reconsider your life choices.

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I get together with my family … and also I don’t raid, so it doesn’t bother me.
However, I do wonder what will happen if things go wrong. How many tech/developer/cs staff will be on duty over Christmas?

And self-employed sole traders … we work 365 days a year.

Where have people said this? Or are you just trying to put words into peoples mouths to stoke up a bit of controversy.

Seems like most people here couldn’t give a damn.


I worked both during christmas and new year some 10ish years back and I was working at an animal shelter at that time.

A Race to World First problem, more like…

Oh gosh, one person cares. Make a topic!

We are commenting on you telling people to celebrate Christmas instead of playing the game…not complaining about not being able to raid.

And if it’s just the one person who said they would mind why on earth make a topic about it instead of just replying to their comment?

But how will someone go from rank 1200 to rank 1190 if they dont christmas raid? Silly OP

I don’t raid anymore, but long time ago I did get kicked from a casual raiding guild for spending 3 days at my parents house during Christmas. According to the leader I should have brought my PC and spent my evenings raiding instead of spending time with my parents… Some people are just delusional.

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To be honest most people here only pretend that they will be busy during Christmas but the truth is that most people here literally don’t have a life and will be gone for maybe 1 hour during Christmas, to eat, and then they’ll be back on the PC. Just look at the post history of the people here and you can see that they post literally every day throughout the day. Let’s not pretend you guys are gonna be partying for 48 hours straight during Christmas and New Year…

Exactly this my guild took the two weeks holiday off raiding and then just did it as normal when nathria came out and this is like a week earlier for raid too right?

If by “celebrate” you mean “eating, drinking, shopping and sleeping a lot” - this is a lot of people!

In the olden times you’d take your PC with you on holidays (as big and heavy as a suitcase) so as not to miss on any mining nodes that might appear while you were away! That was in original SWG.

I have to work on Christmas as it’s my working weekend…so no I will not be gone for 1 hour…lol.

I mean being with your family and actually unable to play games.

Christmas holidays are a great time for gaming inbetween eating, drinking and sleeping.

Shopping tho… I don’t know about you but I’m not gonna buy one different present everyday, I try to get them all at once 'hu.

I know some people how do that, but for me holidays are for spending time with family. I can spend the other 360 days a year on gaming.

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