Who closed this?

Continuing the discussion from Derailing topics is now closely monitored!:

why is this closed? and who closed it?


Most likely the same “customer support” that closed this

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so he should reply there first why he is doing it.

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Don’t bully the customer services guy. We don’t want another Tseric accident.


Does seem odd they are quite quick to shutdown a topic on shareholders but we haven’t received updates in regards to botters and honour not calculating correctly…


Well, if derailing was the actual reason, try re-opening it and stick ot the argument without off-topics.

Think the point is that there a tons of derailed topics on these forums. And this is the only one that got noted within a day by a blue and closed down, because of “derailing”.

And what about “early December content plan”? Let’s not forget that :smiley:

I wonder if someone reported it :thinking:

Reading the topic through I don’t think it derailed that much, some topics on GD right now are even worse in language and derailing than that one :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Acting super fast and locking two threads about stock holders with a relatively “true for 70% of threads” reason of “got derailed” shows that Blizzard have learned nothing from the Chinese incident of Banning people who supported free speech and triggering a massive backleash from many countries and media all over the world, not to mention player community!

Blizzard still acts fast to silence anyone who says or writes anything they don’t agree with even if the topic is not against any forum rules.

Truly pathetic.

If it would only take that much all Bots would be Banned long ago!

You could, you know, read the Code of Conduct, that tells you why.

I’ll even help you

Some stockholder might have read the thread and hanged on the mobaphone.

I guess its a new year resolution for customers support, to start actually giving us some info we want to know , but once again, the effort went to the wrong dirrection :smiley:

Most forums have this rule about “not questioning/commenting moderation decisions”. Its probably that but they should have explained it.

Did you actually read my post Nixtas?

got banned on forums for 5 days for having an oppinion.
while the cheaters, mafias, botters, TOS breakers run free in-game.

i tryed to appeal my forum bann because there was NO REASON given.
and so i went over to the live chat and had a chat with a GM.

while i was at it i asked WHY there was no communication at all EU forums while US forums do have some sort of communication.
his comment was priceless and mindbaffling…
clearly developers are US based so they only check US forums. TROLOL…
long story short, they dont care about EU.

am i happy i unsubbed last month :slight_smile:

damn cant use :fu : picture, why is it there then lol.

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